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Hi I'm Kathleen Conn Ellison

I grew up in Indiana. I'm a convert of 40 yrs. I have 6 kids and a great husband. I love people & love feeding them. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I gained a testimony at 15. I was baptized at 16. I served an LDS Mission to British Columbia, CANADA. I later worked in a nursing home as an Aide, Recreational Therapist and a Social Service Designee. I went to college and received a Nursing degree in 1983. I Married just 6 months later in the SLC Temple. I worked as Director of Nursing in a Nursing Home for 2 years. I love working with the Elderly. I worked as a regular Licensed Practical Nurse for another few months while I was pregnant with baby number 2. I had 6 children and did not return to work until 2011. I am now working in a 350 bed facility as a unit secretary. I love getting my feet wet again. I love serving in the church. I really love teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I currently teach 16-18 year olds in Sunday School. All but one of my children are in college. The youngest is just 15. I am looking forward to my children finding the right person to marry and multiplying and replenishing the earth. Grand kids will be so great! I enjoy having more time to spend with my sweet husband. Reading books to each other is one of our favorite activities. Family is a high priority to me. My own immediate family as well as my extended family. Even my ancestral family. Searching my family history is exciting. My genealogy is precious and fulfilling to me. It helps me to know who I am.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was young I had many questions. My Mom and Grandma spoke of prayer and their thanks to God. We never went to church but I use to pray. I started going to different churches with friends and neighbors when I was 12 years old. I tried really hard to feel God's guidance. At times I knew a church was not true the moment I stepped in the doors. Some churches were nice but something was always missing. Then new neighbors, who were Mormon, moved in across the street. They had a daughter who rode the bus to school with me. She wore modest skirts; she did not swear or tell dirty jokes. I teased her mercilessly. She was never ruffled by my taunting. I asked her why she was different. She said she was a Mormon. I was intrigued but not necessarily impressed. She invited me to church. I went. Later I met with the missionaries and they told me about Joseph Smith's struggles to know which church was true. Of how he prayed and how he saw a light above him, that God and Jesus Christ appeared to him. They told me God called him by name and said, "Joseph this is my beloved son. Hear him." Jesus told Joseph to join none of the churches. He said that they were all wrong. Through Joseph, Christ restored His church. The missionaries continued to teach me. As they spoke I felt the Spirit. I was still not sure. I prayed on my own, specifically to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. Weeks after I prayed I came home from a party with my friends. I felt down. I thought,"I should feel happy. I just had a great party with friends." Then I remembered my prayer. As I stood in my bedroom, alone, with my family sleeping, my heart filled with the Spirit. It whispered to me, "Joseph Smith was my prophet. This is Christ's church." I was so excited! I had an answer from God! I knew a truth that would not change with fashion, more knowledge or time. I was 15 and I new truth! I know without any doubt that Jesus lives. He loves us. I know that this is His church. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

How I live my faith

I try to give others the benefit of the doubt that they are doing the best that they can. I build others up and love them for who they are. I love my family and work daily to serve them. I attend Church every Sabbath day with my family. My family and I read the scriptures together daily. We start and end each day with family prayer. I invite others to my home most Sundays for dinner and Family Home Evening, which includes songs, prayers and short gospel lessons. We always have a dessert at the end of FHE. I communicate with my neighbors and share our baked goods and goodwill. In each congregation that I have attended I have always held positions of service. Teaching teenagers the gospel is one of my favorite callings. Many summers have been consumed by Girl's Camp. Last summer I had 26 twelve year olds in my group. Another way that I love to serve is as a Visiting Teacher. This is organized monthly visits to other sisters in our congregation. One sister I have taught for 15 years and I have grown to love her as a best friend or even as a biological sister. She has taught me many great things. My personal prayers to my Heavenly Father are a precious part of my day. I love to recognize God's hand in the beauties of this earth. I love to express my appreciation for Jesus Christ and all that He has done for me.