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Hi I'm Brent

I am an attorney. I enjoy helping people accomplish their dreams and leave a legacy for their family. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As an attorney, financial & tax adviser, I help others avoid or minimize pitfalls that they & their family would otherwise encounter. Unlike many other advisers who may seem to have been born with a "silver spoon in their mouth", I feel that I can more readily relate to others who are seeking help due to my varied experiences. Although I know that many others have had a lot more challenges than I have, my challenges began with being accidently ran over by my dad's car and spending a week in the hospital with bronchitis when I was only 2 years old. Otherwise, my childhood in Utah was relatively unremarkable. I was blessed with parents who taught me how to work hard & I worked most of my way through junior high & high school as a janitor at the schools, flipping hamburgers for McDs, & on a construction site thereafter. I had the great opportunity to be involved in a work study program in high school & one of those opportunities solidified my intention to become an accountant. As I progressed in college through the accounting program, I became more interested in taxes & had the great opportunity to work as a tax examiner for the IRS until I finished my masters degree & entered law school. Since law school, I have had the opportunity to operate my own law practice for over 10 years as well as work for some of the largest & smallest accounting & law firms in the world specializing in gifts, estates & trusts. I have also had the opportunity to serve in the Army Reserves.

Why I am a Mormon

Although raised in the church, with ancestors on both my mother's and father's side going back to the beginning of the restoration of the gospel in the 1830s, I am a Mormon because I have had my own personal witnesses and continued proof of its truthfulness. One of the greatest manifestations of the truthfulness of the gospel to me is that until the 1830s, almost everything was done by manual labor and horse drawn means of transportation. In the less than 200 years since then, unlike the 6,000 or so years before, we can now fly around the world in a matter of hours and are landing things (and maybe soon people) on other planets. We can instantly see and talk with someone on the other side of the world, which, like most of the significant inventions in the last 200 years (and especially those during the last 30 or so years), have allowed the gospel to be spread more easily. One of my most humbling and significant experiences occurred while I was serving as a missionary for the Lord in the San Jose, California area. While discussing the gospel with a minister from another faith, who wanted to argue about everything, a pale of darkness continued to creep in until I felt almost completely physically and emotionally overwhelmed by the adversary. Although I had only been in the mission field a few weeks, my missionary companion was far more experienced and had the inspiration to leave the minister's home and go outside into a grove of trees to pray. As he began to pray, I felt the heaviness of the darkness lift from me and felt the great peace that the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring into our lives. In addition to this and other spiritual witnesses of the truth of the gospel, I am a very intellectually curious person and continue to be astounded by the many ways in which the doctrines of the church are proven or ring true, especially since it provides the answers to: Where We Came From? Why We are Here? & Where are We going after this mortal life?.

How I live my faith

I strive to help others whenever I can, whether it be by providing legal and tax advice to those who otherwise could not afford it or service on community projects. In addition to planting trees and helping prepare a pumpkin patch for access to kids around Halloween at a local community park, I have been given the wonderful opportunity on a number of occasions to help others at a church sponsored food bank and thrift store. I have also been given the opportunity to serve in a number of leadership and teaching positions for adults and youth in my church congregations, including the current opportunity to serve as a scout leader. All of these opportunities have helped me to more fully implement and experience the Savior's teachings in my life as well as for the lives of others. I have been very fortunate as these acts of service for others have very often been done with my family and my 5 children have also developed a much better attitude about service and willingness to serve than most teenagers. I am grateful that the church provides these many opportunities to serve others while creating a closer bond with my family as well as other families and members of the community.