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Hi I'm Nathan

I'm a Mormon. Dyed in the wool. True blue, through and through.

About Me

I'm at that stage where I have to decide where I have to decide which path to take. Here's my dilemma: I'm a musician, taking 7 years of classical piano lessons, 2 years of jazz piano lessons, 4 years of trumpet lessons, and I also play the baritone. I've been in Concert, Jazz, and Marching Band, and I write my own music (on the piano). I love music theory. Not all of the history, but learning how music works has changed my life. I really want to be a soundtrack composer. I'm a computer programmer/tester, and I love writing low-level programs. (The difference between high and low level is like saying "Mow the Lawn" vs "Grab the mower, fill it with gas, press the button 3 times, pull the string, etc). I've taken 3 years of computer programming, and I want to write indie games as a hobby, or maybe as a job. I play an interesting role in social groups. I really enjoy watching drama happening, I'm often the psychiatrist that friends turn to, and I'll often make predictions that usually end up being true. Otherwise, I usually don't talk. I prefer non-verbal communication to verbal. I'm very creative & logical. I love making puzzles, solving puzzles, and anything to do with math. I'll randomly think of/see a pattern, and see if I can make an equation for it. This has me really considering architecture for a living.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Because its true. Its true spiritually, as I've received a spiritual witness that this is the true church. Its true historically, with all of the prophetic statements made coming to pass. Its true legally, with 11 witnesses testifying, and never denying that testimony, even though many left the church. Its true scripturally, with the Book of Mormon matching up perfectly with the Bible & helping us provide that correct interpretation. It's even true scientifically, as anybody can put the experiment to the test: read with a sincere heart, really intending to follow the answer, pray and ask God if its true, desire to believe that you will receive an answer, and listen. The result will be anybody knowing that this church is true.

How I live my faith

I love general conference and church. Many times I get revelation through prayers, but it seems that the most powerful times are when I'm listening to inspired leaders/teachers. I'm was a missionary. That's somebody who goes out and knocks on doors, and tries to bring people the gospel. Next time you have somebody knocking on your door, see if they have a black name tag, and if they do, ask them why they are doing this. I'll think you'll be amazed. Anyways, I love doing service for people, and helping others overcome problems in their life.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

First of all, because that is a lot better than paying 20% (Although, I would if God commanded) Secondly, because it gives us an opportunity to support the work of the Lord. (I'm pausing here to say that God's church could survive without tithing. Anything is possible to God. He doesn't need our money. However, he does want to train us to put Him before money) Thirdly, because its in the bible. (Tithing means 1/10) Finally, because I'll receive a blessing. (Whether that is extra money/less expenses, increased spirituality, or simply being able to manage my money better) Show more Show less

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Legally speaking, you needed (back then), six members to start up a religion. Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, Hyrum Smith, Peter Whitmer Jr., Samuel H. Smith, and David Whitmer were the first six members of the church, and therefore the founders. However, lets talk how God establishes his religion. We are assuming that people have been wicked, and have previously rejected the true religion, and now God wants to re-establish it. He calls a prophet. It's really that simple. A prophet is somebody that declares God's word to the world as a whole. While God can speak to us individually through the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost only dwells with people when they are righteous, and therefore, a prophet is needed to declare repentance to the wicked. He did the same with the prophet Joseph Smith. He appeared to Joseph Smith, gave him the power to translate the Book of Mormon (another record teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ), and sent other angels to give him the authority to organize & lead His church. Which he did, on the 6th of April, 1930, according to God's command. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

First let me say that we believe that there are many who would accept the gospel, and they only reason they don't is because they know not where to find it, and that God has given us the responsibility to find these people. However, as a missionary, I've been asked this many times in many ways, but they can all be combined into two big questions. The first question is really the "Why do YOU do this?". While there are lots of reasons why missionaries go out on missions, some of them better than others, the reason I do it is because I love God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ that allows people to be so much better and happier. And no, we do not believe that missionary work is absolutely essential for our salvation, but rather that anybody that is truly converted will naturally want to share it with others. The second question is "Why do you guys come to me? I'm already Christian." or "I already believe in God". This goes back to our beliefs of the restoration. We believe that God & Jesus Christ appeared to the prophet Joseph Smith because the the Gospel of Jesus Christ was lost/changed in part, and needed to be restored. If we believe that there is knowledge that we have and others don't, and it was important enough for God to come down and tell us, then its certainly important enough for us to tell others about. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about "eternal life?"

May I mention here that there is difference between "Eternal Life" and "Immortality"? Immortality is being able to live forever. It is made possible because of Jesus Christ & His sacrifice, and is a gift of God to all who live on earth. Eternal is a name for God. That means that Eternal Life is life with God. Because we are all imperfect & unclean, and that we must be clean & perfect to live with God, the only way we can have Eternal Life is through Jesus Christ. We put our faith in Him, which leads us to repent, and after being baptized by those who are in authority, we are made clean & perfect. (Until we inevitably sin again. But that is why we have the sacrament (some people call it communion). We will be judged of our sins, and if we were made spotless & perfect through Jesus Christ, then we will inherit all that God & Jesus Christ has. Show more Show less

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

Hmmm...I think to answer this question, you need to answer the question "Why do people join a church?" I believe the most common reason people are in a church is because their parents/relatives were in it, and therefore they grew up in it. Since many of us have large families, this is one cause for growth. However, many churches are currently struggling with keeping their youth/young adults attending. This, in my opinion, is one of the strengths of this church. They have many programs for the youth and many young adults voluntarily go on missions, which strengthens them. Another benefit is that we try to be social people. We aren't always perfect, but we believe in the command "Love thy enemies" & that "Charity never faileth" But all of those reasons I've given are more social reasons that doctrinal. The most influential reason the Church grows is because the doctrine is true. People, both those born in the church and those not, receive a witness from God that this is the true church. They study the doctrine, and find truth, peace, and happiness. Many social groups come and go, but love mixed with the truths of God is a powerful force. That's why! Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

Some truths are fundamental to understand before you understand proxy baptisms. 1. To have eternal life and to live with God, a man MUST be baptized. (John 3:5) 2. Not all men and women have the opportunity to be baptized, whether because they died too early, or because they live in place or time where the gospel was inaccessible. 3. The spirit of mankind continues to live on beyond death. 4. We all will be resurrected, just like Christ is. Every man and woman shall hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, whether in this life or the next (1 Peter 3:18-20). Every man and woman shall have the opportunity to accept it or deny it. However, for those that heard the gospel after this life, they cannot be baptized, because baptism is a physical ordinance. (Spirits don't have bodies Luke 24:39). So, we perform baptisms for them (somebody who is already baptized standing in place of the person who is being baptized, but is dead). Think about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He suffered for us, and because He did, we don't have to go through it. The Atonement of Jesus Christ was proxy, and so can be baptisms. (This makes me think of Obadiah 1:21) Isn't it awesome? Many new converts to the church have family who didn't hear about the gospel. Now they can go to heaven as well! Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

To understand that, you must understand these three principles: 1. Man is imperfect, and everybody sins frequently. 2. God is perfect, and doesn't sin. 3. To dwell with God, a person must be perfect. Without going in depth into each of those, it is obvious that by ourselves, we cannot live with God. However, Jesus Christ came down and suffered for our sins so that we can become clean and forgiven. So how do we allow Jesus Christ to clean us? It all goes back to faith. Faith will make us want to change our lives, or to repent. But how do we repent? Here's the ABC's: 1.Admit. Recognize that what you are doing is wrong. 2.Be Sorry. Not because you got caught, but because its wrong. 3.Confess and Compensate. Go to those that were wronged (aka the store if you stole something), and confess, and try to make it right. (This includes God) 4.Don't do it again! 5.Endure to the End. Strive to follow *all* the commandments, not just the one you are repenting of. This will make it a lot easier to repent of the one. May I share an analogy? Lets say my parents offer to give me piano lessons. What's the one thing they ask? Practice. If I make a mistake, do I just call it quits and give up? No, that seems silly. Here in life, our sins are already paid for by Jesus Christ. What's the one thing He asks? Practice. If I make a mistake do I just call it quits and give up? No! As we do, we will allow all of that suffering of Christ to be put to use. We will become perfect through him Show more Show less

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Yes. And what a powerful witness it is. Talk about testimonies of hundreds of people seeing the resurrected Christ, providing evidence to all religions & people that Jesus Christ IS the only begotten Son of God, and has a physical, resurrected body. Talk about a testimony that the bible IS the word of God, and not written by conspiring men. Finally, talk about a testimony that God loves everybody, and is the same all over the world. That he loves the children, the sick & afflicted, and you. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Honestly, I don't know exactly what they are going to teach. Missionaries are directed to follow the Holy Ghost, so that they can teach you exactly what God wants you to hear. Their message will all be about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or the plan that God has so that we can return to live with Him. They will definitely talk about Jesus Christ, his sacrifice, and his role in that plan. They will ask you to do things, to grow your faith in Christ, such as prayer, or reading the scriptures. They will listen & answer questions you have. Finally, they will definitely bear testimony of the things that they have learned, and try to help you to learn the same things for yourself. They'll talk about salvation of mankind. That's all, really :) Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

When we came down here to earth, we promised our Father in Heaven that we would be obedient to his commandments. He gave us this thing called agency, or the ability to choose. Our goal is to become perfect, even like Christ. But then we trip up, and break those commandments. For a commandment/rule/law to have ANY force, there must be an enforced punishment. So, every time we sin, our "punishment list" adds up, per se. That debt must be paid. For everybody. So Jesus Christ ransoms us from the bondage of sin, and takes upon himself all of that punishment that our sins have caused. Why? Because He loves us. But His Atonement does more than that. He wants us to not just be free from sin, but to become perfect. So whenever we are facing any trial, heartache, or any other growth pain, He is there with us, because He already felt those pains. Every problem we go through has already been gone through by Jesus Christ, so that He can empathize with us, rather than just sympathize. He can offer us the way to get through these trials. That way is: Having faith in Him, and that he really did suffer for our sins. Allowing our faith to grow so that we want to stop sinning, and repenting. Having our sins washed away by being baptized by somebody who has the authority to baptize. Receiving and striving to follow the Holy Ghost Continuing to strive to follow His commandments. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No. But I guess this matters how you define "worship". If "worship" means to have as a hero, to love, or to follow their words, then I guess you could make the claim that we "worship" Joseph Smith. But then that means that I "worship" Moses, my family, or even my 12th grade math teacher. But if "worship" means pray to, believe he is divine, or to regard as our ultimate means of salvation, then no, we don't "worship" him. We don't even capitalize our pronouns when referring to him. (Aka...if I said "Him", that would refer to God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Ghost. If I said "him", that's referring to everybody else) May I suggest an analogy that puts everything in perspective? If a pianist plays at a concert really well, we may mention that the piano is a really good one, but the real honor goes to the pianist. Joseph Smith was an instrument in God's hands. Everything that he did that made him such a great prophet was because of God. He simply allowed God to work through him. To summarize, God is the one that we worship. Show more Show less