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Hi I'm Spencer

I am not a CEO, an olympian, a professor, or an artist, but I'm still a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband to a woman I am so madly in love with, I cant sleep. (She sleeps fine.) I am father to 3 cool kids. And I like 3rd party candidates and punk rock. We moved to Seattle because we fell in love with the Northwest via a road trip, David Lynch, and K Records. I used to manage a thrift store in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and drove a cab graveyards for a while. I got a degree in philosophy. Now I do union work with some of the best men in the city on elevators and escalators. But Art is what turns my crank. I thrive on artistic aspirations to the real/transcendent/sublime in music, photography, comics, etc.

Why I am a Mormon

My ancestors joined this church ages ago. But I am a member by choice. I have a brother and a sister who no longer share my faith although they were raised mormon just like I was. I love my faith. I am so grateful for a merciful God who has let me be part of this. I lived in London for a while as a missionary and was part of a congregation whose adherents were from over 40 different countries. There were people there from all over Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The ideological diversity was astounding. I remember sitting in on a Sunday School discussion about child rearing, and in the room were people w Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, Communist, and Fascist backgrounds. They disagreed on many points but they all believed in Joseph Smith the Prophet. And they all believed in the loving personal God of whom he spoke. I thought (and I still do), that this is the answer to how we build Zion. The restored gospel for me is nothing short of a utopian vision for harmony all across the world. And Mormonism gives me hope, that through a covenant relationship with Christ we really can change this world. I am a Mormon because Mormonism has the answers to the seeming absurdity of life. I believe in personal revelation. I believe that God has spoken to my heart in a way that transcends reason. But it is knowledge more sure than that derived from the senses or the mind. The "still small voice" of the Spirit has told me to surrender my will to God. It has told me that these doctrines are true. It has resonated within my soul. The truth claims of Mormonism are so bold, they demand to be reckoned with. Either Joseph Smith was a fraud or he wasn't. And if he was not, than there does not seem to be any choice but to ally oneself with this faith. God has promised that all who desire to know this truth can know it for themselves. (John 7:17, James 3:5, Moroni 10:3) That claim is the most intense idea that I know of.

How I live my faith

I work in a blue collar job in a nonreligious city. I prefer being around those that have fundamental beliefs that are at odds with my own. I love the discussions and opportunity to talk about my faith. There are so many good people in this city. I am grateful to have been able to spend so much time in the heart of the LGBT community. And I am grateful for atheists. I am grateful to work in the ultra high testosterone world that is my trade. I feel so out of place half the time and the other half I feel like I am talking to my brother I have known for eons. I go to church regularly and have the opportunity to teach and also to visit the homes of those in need. As a family we read the scriptures and pray daily. I try to emulate and walk with the Savior in all I do. If I am cleaning a filthy escalator pit, I imagine Jesus in a jumpsuit cleaning it with me. I love my Lord. I am so thankful for his example and his love. There are times when our family is together and everything just seems right and I feel like I get this glimpse of Heaven. Man I am grateful for those moments. Recently, a homeless man moved into our area and sought help from the church. I had the privilege of helping coordinate hundreds of labor hours to help this guy out. I saw what the church was capable of through their addiction recovery program, and their food and clothing assistance programs. Through willing people giving their time. I saw how people came together under the inspired guidance of the Priesthood to help this guy spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc. To me the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about service. That is how I live my faith. It is about loosing yourself to the needs of others. And spiritually disciplining yourself so that you want to and are prepared to.