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Hi I'm Gary

I'm sarcastic. I'm awkward (but on purpose). I dislike short statements about myself... and I'm a mormon :)

About Me

Yes... I am awkward. I have this theory that whenever you fail at walking past someone, you should try and give them a hug, that way it will be even more awkward... I think it would work too. I still have yet to try it. On a more serious note, I love music! I'm currently getting into recording music with my home made studio and I'm having a blast with it! I go to Mesa Community College trying to get as many credits towards my undergrad as an Electrical Engineer at ASU. After 1 more semester I should be done with MCC and then just 2 more years! Exciting am I right? I do love learning but this semester hasn't been my best :/ "What else?" might you ask? Well, I tend to favor racquetball over ultimate frisbee... as a matter of fact, I dislike ultimate frisbee enough to upset some people I know. I love hiking too! But I don't go enough :/ I LOVE snowboarding! but only ever been to Sunrise Skii Resort... I should do a snowboarding road trip when I have lots more monies. I'm also very critical about proper grammar and spelling... Just kidding. I don't know if you've noticed yet, but I love putting dots after sentences... Something about it just seems right to me, until I do it too much. But who really cares... am I right?

Why I am a Mormon

I was actually born in the church! I was Mormon all the way to age 7, then my family pulled out of the church for personal reasons, and being young as I was, I followed without really understanding. I was later allowed to start visiting with the missionaries at age 12 and was baptized that Christmas... Christmas day actually :) To be completely honest with you though, that has very little to do with why I'm mormon... sure that's how I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but that's not the reason that I AM a member of this church. After my baptism I sort of went through the motions. I went to church only when I was prodded to do so, and even then, I tried to get out of it. Needless to say, when there was no longer anyone making me go, my church attendance dropped drastically. This went on for several years... during that time, I still managed to keep in touch with my church leaders who looked after me more than I knew at the time. They were always inviting me to all the cool activities they did, and made sure I had someone to talk to during hard times... I am very grateful for there immensely positive influence on me during such a critical stage in my life. They helped me to see that I too wanted to be a man of substance, and although I'm still working on that, at that time this direction led me to serve a full time mission in the Dominican Republic Santiago mission where I learned to speak Spanish :) While reading the Book of Mormon in preparation to go on a mission, I received a strong impression that the events recorded on it's pages are actual history, and I knew it was true. It's hard to explain in more words than that, but that's simple it is to me. Yes there have been plenty of times in my life where that testimony has been challenged, but every time I open that book I get that same, familiar feeling of peace and am reminded of it's truthfulness. I am Mormon because I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by attending my church meetings every Sunday, and was recently asked to be in charge of my congregations events and activities! It's so exciting! Planning these events has been a fun new challenge, but I look forward to it every time :) At each event and throughout each day, I look for people who I can connect with and uplift :) there is nothing more satisfying than making someone else's day a little brighter :) Seriously though, if you've ever felt down at some point in your life, and I know we all have, try and make someone else's day a little better, and you'd be surprised at how drastically better you feel! It's like the perfect cure for when you're feeling down! Anyways, that's about it... service is my forte and I'm sticking to it!