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Hi I'm Alisha

I'm all about family, music and photography. I look forward to the day I'll finally meet my other half, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

About me...hmm. What could I possibly share that would help you to understand what makes up me, my character, nature and my being. I would be lying if I didnt first mention the knowledge I have concerning my God and my Savior, Jesus Christ. The incredible love I have for my family is kindled because I understand the importance of our need for each other to make it through life with all its challenges. My love for beautiful music comes from the similar feelings I feel when I comune with Heavenly Father. And lastly, the thrill I get from seeing the world through the lens of a camera opens my mind to question and be amazed at all the magnificents this earth holds. Of course none other than God himself could create such beauty and be the author of such happiness. I may be a simple college student with a meager job...but Im surviving, and happily at that too. Life has its bumps in the road, but I know I can hurdle these bumps or at least learn to get right back up and dust myself off because of Christ and his constant watch and tender love for me. It's this knowledge that allows me to remember one of my favorite quotes, "life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning to dance in the rain." So as I continue on in my life, things will never be perfect but I'll be happy as long as I'm trying! The future is exciting. Especially... ;) when I think of a certain someone out there who will be mine one day, for time and all eternity!

Why I am a Mormon

Something I learned while I was serving a church mission in wonderful Jamaica: My religion is not a belief. Nor is it a practive reserved for Sundays. Neither is it kept behind the walls of a church house. My religion is my pattern of living, my lifestyle, my life. Its the base where my knowledge and understanding of life's principles stems from. Its the inner peace and contentment I canfeel within the very air I breath. Its my joys, my happiness...the strength given to push on through the aches and sorrows and my growth from my weaknesses. Its the firm foundation on which all my relationships are founded. Its the unseverable ties linking my precious and beautiful family together forever. Its the eternal binding and intertwining love to be found in my very heart strings for the day i find my forver sweetheart, my other half. Its the source behind my yearning and desire to mother and nurture children. Its the hopes and excitement I hold for the future "come what may". ITs the cause of my homesickness for Heaven! If awarded...someday I will be permitted to look to my God eye to eye, see the perfect and endless glory found there...and then..."encircled about eternally in the arms of His love", I will finally know in all actuality, that my religion is not my religion at all...Its my soul's instict that my Father in Heaven sees the potential I have to be something great, and so continues to cheer me on in the race for the most precious gift He can give me, can give all HIs children...Eternal Life.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by striving to remember my savior Jesus Christ in my every day living because that is what was intended by His incredible and infinite sacrifice. Its not the easiest thing, I admit. Life is fuuull of distractions and such. But Heavenly Father knew this before hand and thats why He provided ways to help us. Some ways I know I've been helped in living my faith is first and foremost the opportunity provided that we can talk to our God anytime, anywhere. Sheesh! What a gift. We never have to be alone. Second...records kept through out all the history of the earth of faith building stories of men and women who lived according to God's ways. So inspiring! Real people! With real lives that showed real courage when faced with the powers of the devil. I want to be like them. There's true happiness. Thirdly, God has given us commandments to follow to keep us safe. He has also provided one day out of the week for us to take a step back in our lives and to see if we are headed in the right direction. We get to have continual progression as we attend our church meetings and teach each other the doctrines of the kingdom of God. God has called a prophet to lead and guide us so we're not led astray. How do I know this 'prophet' is truly a prophet of God? Because I've asked God myself. And who else witnesses to us of truth other than the Holy Spirit. Man...and he's a whooole nother topic. It would be so friggin hard to live a life under God without the companionship of the Spirit. What a true friend he has become. You know...I could go on and on and on about things God has given to help us live our faith. But I want to challenge you, who has a life of your own...to look for the blessings that God has given to us here on earth to help us grown, learn, fight to do right so that one day you and I...can return to live with our Father in Heaven.