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Hi I'm Andrew Battye

I grew up on the Gold Coast and love body boarding, skateboarding and soccer. I'm married with three children and I'm a Mormon

About Me

There's nothing overly unique about the things that I enjoy doing or the career path I have taken in life. I've grown up living close to the beach and love the water whether it's swimming, body boarding or fishing. On the days when the surf wasn't any good my friends and I would find somewhere to skateboard. My parents introduced me to soccer when I was 5 and I played in the club competitions for about 10 years. I wasn't a brilliant player but I was encouraged by my team mates to try out for representative soccer. I always chose not to because of the Sunday commitments I knew were required. It seemed like a sacrifice, but I've been able to participate in other ventures that have impacted my life for the better. One of the most important choices I made was to serve as a missionary for the church and I was assigned to the Philippines. I was given a crash course in the local language and sent on my way. I struggled with the language, the climate and the culture at first but now I consider the Philippines to be my second home. I met and visited with people from the most humble situations and found them to have a appreciation and excitement for life that seemed to exceed those I grew up with in Australia who had so much more in term of material worth. I learned very quickly that it was the Filipino's faith and family that gave them such enthusiasm for life. I've always known that money cannot buy happiness but now I've seen people living it.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon firstly because my maternal and paternal grandparents accepted the missionaries and joined the church. I was born under the covenant of a temple marriage and taught the ways of the gospel. I consider this to be my spiritual heritage. Although I have never experienced some of the miraculous conversions that converts to the church often share, I came to a point in my life where I had to find out for myself. I distinctly remember one particular night when I was fitfully trying to fall asleep. My mind was troubled over a number of the usual things that bother a teenage boy like school commitments, problems with girls and a few of my recent failures. I remember being so overwhelmed by what lay in front of me that it as difficult to sleep. At the time I recalled the experience of Joseph Smith who had also as a teenage boy had things in his life that he struggled with. I saw my struggles as seemingly insignificant to his but I decided to do as he did and kneel down and pray. It wasn't a particularly eloquent prayer, but it was sincere. I don't remember much of what I said except for asking Heavenly Father if he was there, if he knew about me and if I was heading in the right direction. When I laid down to go back to sleep the next thing I remember was waking up the next morning realising then that my simple prayer had been answered by a strong and remeasuring peace to my mind. That morning at church the opening hymn was "Did you think to pray" which further confirmed the answer to my prayer. I've had many experiences over the years since then that have added to that simple answer to my prayer. I'm not perfect and have had my individual struggles to live up to the expectations of being a Mormon, but I've learned that sacrifice and obedience are key elements to faith and peace in this life.

How I live my faith

I currently have a rather interesting posting in the church. I'm in Australia but I attend a congregation that is 99% Samoan - maybe even more than that! The first Sunday was very interesting to say the least and my family and I thought at first that we'd come to the wrong chapel! Being in this particular congregation has taught me that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not belong to any country or culture. The organisation is the same, the lessons are the same and the spirit is the same. The members of this congregation openly welcomed us in. I currently work with the youth which is one of my favourite places to serve. The young men of the church teach me a lot about the importance of our rising generation and how important it is to have each of these young men learn of their potential both spiritually and with their future careers and families. My role with the youth is more of a facilitator with the emphasis on helping these young men administer and organise their own program. The opportunities they have to learn skills in leadership and service are unparalleled to most things they experience outside the home. The most important aspect of living my faith is with my family. I have two daughters and a son and they are the greatest achievement of my life. We don't have a perfect family, but we always are trying to work together to have more fun and help each other out. I am particularly proud of our family nights that we have every Monday night. They're very simple usually with some songs, prayers a lesson with a game and some treats. It was hard to get into the habit with all of the distractions of everyday life, but I think we've reached a point where Monday feels out of place without it. The older children love to run the family night organising lessons and issuing assignments. They surprise me on a regular basis with their knowledge of the scriptures and their own spiritual development. Its a great opportunity to grow and learn as a family.