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Hi I'm Margaret.

I'm an IT Project Manager. I raised 4 kids as a single mom, and now have 4 grandkids. In my extra time - I dance. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a grandma now, a single grandma. I raised 4 kids as a single mom and now I have 4 grandkids. I love my family - spending time with them whenever I can. My grandkids give me the excuse to never grow up. We go to movies, make cookies, visit museums and go to parks together. So fun! My kids are my best friends. I'm also a professional IT Project Manager. I love my job, working with highly intelligent people with state-of-the-art skills. I got an engineering degree, 1 of 3 women in my degree at the time. I worked through the roles - Programmer, Analyst, Architect and now PM. I recently had a U.S. patent approved. I'm also pursuing other interests. I've been competing in ballroom/latin dancing for 3 years - kinda like Dancing with the Stars stuff, but for real. I'm not that good, but it sure is good exercise! I also help in community activities. I am currently working on developing a medical skill.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Mormon church. My mom was a member, but not my dad. But my dad supported us in every activity, even being the church's boy scout leader. Being born into the church I had to go through a conversion, like everyone does. Being an extremely logical person (engineer, computer nerd) I gained my testimony more through what makes sense, rather than a miraculous event. Look at it ... the Indian culture records talk about Christ coming to the America's using the same city names as in the Book or Mormon. Archeologists have found plants in South America that are also found in the Jerusalem area. A Sioux indian in South Dakota recently told me about the white man that visited their nation around the same time Christ was crucified who taught them events in the bible. When the French explorers came to teach them Christianity, they already knew it all. Amazing. And the place where Lehi's friend was buried in Yemen (or was in Saudia Arabia?). The stone is still there today. How in the world does a young, uneducated man know all of this??? He doesn't. He actually translated a record that he found. And there are numerous witnesses of heavenly beings and the actual gold plates. I really don't see why anyone wouldn't believe all of this on the logical level. It has been analyzed by experts who tell amazing results of its concurrence with the Bible. And then on the spiritual level ... I know for a fact what we are taught is true. I know angels exist who watch over us and help us daily. There are stories I could tell, but not here. I know Christ lives as well as others who have passed on. I know that God, Christ and the Holy Ghost are 3 separate people. I know someone hears and answers prayers. No doubt at all in my mind!

How I live my faith

I had my first 'calling' at 16 years old. I was the coordinator of the 'Road Shows' - short plays performed by teenagers, that were performed at different church houses in one night. I made sure the 'rules' were applied - content, dress code, songs. And I coordinated the performances at each building. Then I was asked to teach at the Dance Festivals. These are huge community events performed at local arenas or high schools involving about 1000 kids dancing. So fun! I've also been a teacher to 13-18 year old girls, 15-16 year old Sunday classes, 3-4 year old kids. I've directed the children's music program, played the piano for every position, coordinated building schedules and planned activities for the church (dinners, Christmas parties, dances). These 'callings' have taught me so much - to attempt something I know nothing about, to teach, to stand up in front of others, to plan, to execute plans. The church not only teaches us the spiritual aspects, but also skills and enhances our talents. In the community I have helped at the local christmas gift distribution to the poor, given food to the needy, sewn badges on police uniforms. And in my personal life, I live the standards the church promotes. Yes, I enjoy the work parties, and drink my lemonade or soda. I don't drink alchohol, tea or coffee. I dress modestly. I put in an honest work day. I help the needy. I visit the sick. I help those that need help whenever I can. I am happy.