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Hi I'm Julie

I come from CO. I'm the oldest of a mixed family. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hey, I'm Julie N. & I enjoy living life to the fullest. I aspire to graduate from BYU, serve a mission, care for my own family, & become an experimental psychologist. I'm really shy but I love board games, computers, crafts, people, & nature, & I'm a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

Truly the best way to fortune is through Jesus Christ's gospel, & this is the only way to eternal happiness. My religion is everything to me. It's more than just a moral value system; it's the very purpose of my existence! This religion isn't just a good idea for people who are interested; it's the only idea for anyone who prefers cheer to misery, life to death. I have valiant parents who taught me about Jesus Christ from my birth. Thank goodness I know the truth. What I love so much about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, besides its Founder, is the endless progression available to its members. I have all the tools I need to become better & better because God continually adds His blessings to my efforts. I'm a Mormon because being 1 creates the most exhilarating adventure for me in the universe!

How I live my faith

I have a satisfaction guaranteed code of conduct: the scriptures, advice of prophets, & anything else God reveals to me that I should do. If I follow these exactly, I know I can't go wrong. Of course I never follow it completely, & of course Jesus loves me anyway! I spend life crying, overeating, ditching my responsibilities, praying, studying, working, recreating, loving, dreaming, but do it all much better w/ God's help. He makes things right again. Each week I go to church & learn about Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ through sermons & lessons. I also get to know my brothers & sisters better. All God's children are spectacular. Most importantly, I recommit myself to live by Jesus's standards. I try to wake early, eat healthy, exercise. That way I can use my body for the purposes God intends. I cultivate virtue in my mind by reading enlightening books, listening to inspirational music, watching wholesome movies. Anything less degrades me. I index people's names & other info from records into an online database, helping genealogists connect their ancestors together. Doing it gives me hope that 1 day, when all God's creatures are resurrected, I'll meet the people whose names I indexed & see them reunited w/ their families. I give to charities, including the welfare system within my church. 10% of my income provides church buildings, food & shelter for low-income families, & affordable ed for college students, among other things. God works miracles w/ any of & all my effort. Even when I violate myself/others by sinning/not trying hard enough, Christ's sacrifice in the Garden of Gethsemane can restore everything. He multiplies my efforts the same way He did fishes & loaves of bread. I just ask continually for forgiveness & try again. w/ the positive energy I feel at home & church, I have more than I ever could've imagined on my own. As I develop more attributes of Jesus Christ, I develop capacity for joy.

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

God is So Awesome that we think the happiest thing you could possibly do is get to know Him (John 17:3)! He is the Creator of the universe & we are as special as art projects or inventions to Him; we're also His actual children. He's Dependable, Funny, Kind, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, & Totally Happy! He has His own personality & success story for how He became Who He is. (Ask Him). He has a Son, Jesus Christ, Who looks just like Him. He is always on stand-by mode either cheering us on or sending angels to help us or both no matter what we're doing in our lives (Moses 7:30). Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

Truth will prevail, right? In crime shows, evidence like fingerprints helps detectives discover what really happened. In relationships, gestures like hugs clue people in on how much they really matter to another person. I suppose the best way to live is w/ the facts, & w/ reality, because that's where all the fun starts. We should have faith in Truth. Some truths are so complex it could take eons to scientifically explain them, like where the 1st thing ever to live on earth went or why happiness exists. In cases like these, we can find peace of mind & purpose now by appealing to the Source of All Truth-- Jesus Christ. He has many names: Allah, Light, Love, Quetzalcoatl. When we turn to Him by asking for help, then doing what He wants us to do, we have faith. Since He's in charge of everything in the universe, He also has all the good stuff to give us, like whatever we seek (3 Ne. 14:7). It's 1,000% worth our time to do things His way because He knows everything & has by far the most to give, including success & happiness (2 Ne. 22:2). Show more Show less