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Hi I'm Roy

I'm a Mormon. My parents are Brazilians, but I was born in the U.S. I live in California with my wife Christine and our 3 sons.

About Me

I'va always been fascinated by history. This led naturally to my wanting to learn about my ancestors. Since my parents were converts, we had no family record - just the memories of my grandparents and their siblings (who lived in Brazil). As a child, my mom took my sister and me to Brazil during our summer break so that we could spend time with our relatives. Starting when I was 12, I began interviewing my grandparents with a tape recorder. I also visited all my elderly relatives and collected their old photographs, carefully inscribing names and dates on the back of each photo. Once, I visited the town where my mother's grandparents had fist settled after immigrating from Italy in the 1880's. Many years later, I translated the tape recordings and created a family history so that my children will know about their ancestors. Besides history, my other great love is classical music. From my earliest childhood, I sang, played the violin, collected recordings, and read everything I could find about the great composers. When I was 12, I discovered Italian opera, and to this day, I love the listening to great voices - especially historical recordings of the famous singers of the past. I got married late (39), but it was worth the wait. I have a wonderful wife and three boys with loads of personality, ages 3, 6 & 8. Shortly after gettting married, I was called to serve as a Bishop. I now teach gospel doctrine, which is my favorite calling.

Why I am a Mormon

Through the Church, I've come to know my Heavenly Father. The Church teaches me that I have a personal, tangible Heavenly Father who knows me by name and who has a special mission for me to fulfill in life. It also teaches me that I can come to know Him through prayer and by following His teachings. I've put these teachings to the test and have found through my personal experience that they are true. I received answers to prayers. I have felt the presence of the Savior when I have entered the temple, and have received a witness in my heart that it is His house and that He visits it. I have seen the influence of God shine in the faces of my fellow members and in those called to lead in the Church. Recently, during a session of General Conference, I heard one of the Apostles, Elder Scott, describe how he unexpectedly received personal revelation while sitting in a church class one Sunday. As he recounted the details of his experience, I recognized the same pattern in experiences I had had, and I knew that he was telling the truth - that God lives and communicates with his children. I could not have survived the challenges and disappointments I have encountered without the sustaining power and guidance of God. He has sent friends to me at crucial moments, kept me from making mistakes that could have destroyed me, and has delivered me from seemingly insurmountable problems and trouble over and over again. In quiet moments and in answer to prayers, He has helped me to understand myself - to truly see my strengths, my weaknesses, and my potential. As I go to Church and interact with my brothers and sisters in the Church, I see the same process at work in their lives. Going to Church each Sunday allows me to associate with and be strengthened by others who are on the same path of coming to know God. I cannot imagine life without the Church and its teachings.

How I live my faith

I feel the Holy Ghost when I do what Jesus teaches -- especially when I help those who were lonely, sick, afraid or in trouble. Once, when I was 18, I went to a Christmas eve gathering for a few families in our congregation. There was a girl my age there who was disabled and who looked different. She stood by herself and was generally ignored by the others. I knew that we are all children of God and that if Jesus were there, He would talk to her and make her feel that she was valuable and important. And so that is what I tried to do. I spoke to her and asked her questions about herself and her plans (she had just graduated from High School). She soon was smiling and talking freely. I realized that because I had made a small effort, she had felt a little bit of God's great love for her. That night, as we were driving home from the party, I unexpectedly felt the Savior close to me, and I knew more than I had ever known before that He lives. A few months later I went on my mission. The girl I had spoken to that night occassionaly wrote to me and told me how much she appreciated my friendship. When I got back from my mission, I went away to college. While I was there, I heard that the girl had passed away in her sleep. I was so grateful that I had the opportunity to know her and see her in her best light. This is just one way in which following the teachings of the gospel has helped me be a better person and live my faith.