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Hi I'm Angela

I'm a homeschooling, business owning, student, wife and mother and I'm a happy Mormon!

About Me

First and foremost I am a wife and mother. I have 4 children, 3 who are still living. My children are 15, 13 and 10. I home school my children and absolutely cherish the time I get to spend with them. I have been married to my best friend, Justin, for 16 years. We own an agricultural testing lab and work there together. Our work follows the farmer's cycles, so sometimes of the year it is really slow and sometimes it is crazy busy. It has been difficult to find balance in those crazy busy times. Actually, there is no balance. But as a family we have gotten good at being flexible, doing the best we can at the time, and realizing that all things eventually pass and next month may be completely different. Most of our employees are young and fresh, early to mid 20s, still in or just out of school. I love working with them. They are enthusiastic for life, the future and all that it holds for them. They keep me feeling young and their energy is contagious. Due to my life circumstances when I was that age, I really missed out on that feeling of excitement for the future. I have that excitement now though. I have started taking university classes and hope to get my degree in business management. My husband and I have a dream of being missionaries one day in a developing country. We want to share our knowledge of agriculture and help others improve their lives. I also studied homeopathy for 4 years and hope to be able to share that healing art with many people as well.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to a couple of teenage hippies. Although both my parents were Mormon, they were not practicing. When I was about 2 they decided that they wanted to raise their children with the values the church taught and began to bring me to church. Essentially I was raised in the church but I have chosen to remain in the church for very personal reasons. My mother's struggle with mental illness ended with her suicide the morning of my 22nd birthday. This event caused me to reexamine everything I had believed to be true about my life and my faith up to that point. It took 10 years of searching before I accepted and found peace. I found that peace in the teachings of the Mormon church. We are taught that through Christ's sacrifice, He took on all our pain, not just our guilt but all the pain we will ever experience. Because of this, He is able to understand and have compassion when we go through tough times. He is there for us. We can turn that pain over to Him and allow Him to take it. He can fill our hearts with peace and with compassion as well. The realization of these truths was life changing as I was finally able to let go of the pain and embrace happiness once again. My third child was born premature due to medical errors and only lived 5 days. I had to choose what my memories of this time in my life would be. They could be filled with anger and bitterness. Or I could remember the sweetness of that baby boy. Again, the teachings of the church helped me feel peace, helped me to know that God is just, that family is forever and that I could forgive the mistakes that were made. I remember those 5 short days with sweetness and thank God for his kindness and mercy. I have personally seen the horror of addiction and its effect on family members. I have seen the effect of the teachings of the church on the addict and their family. Christ's teachings can and do work miracles in all our lives. For these reasons and so many other ones, I have chosen to remain a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try to reflect my faith in the way I treat others. I recognize that my Heavenly Father has had to be very patient with me and all my struggles and so I really try to be patient and compassionate with others. I also recognize the blessing that my amazing husband and children are so I always try to put them first. We try to read scriptures together everyday, even if just for a few minutes. Also, we have a Family Home Evening almost every week where we take turns giving a spiritual message, having a fun activity and sharing a treat. At church I serve as a Nursery Leader. I work with a few other adults and we provide a class for the children aged 18 months to 3 years. This gives their parents the chance to attend their classes without the worry of their little ones. I enjoy this so much! We have about 18 kids so it gets hairy sometimes but it is really rewarding. Christ gave us such an example when he said we need to become as little children and I really see why. They are so loving and forgiving. We have a few children with physical disabilities and they are especially sweet. There is a wisdom about them that goes beyond their years. On a more personal level, I try not to ever forget where I have been, the hard times I have been through and the miracles I have experienced. I have had the opportunity to facilitate a women's support group for those who have also struggled with loss, disappointment, addictions of self or family members and other difficult situations. This has been such an amazing thing to be involved in. I have been able to reach out in love to these individuals and offer them hope through the teachings of Christ. It has been really neat to be able to share my experiences with them and let them see that there is a way out. It has been amazing to see the changes in these women and their families as they embrace the grace and mercy of Christ. This experience has made all the hard times worth it!