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Hi I'm Teri Brown

I grew up in Illinois and moved to Arizona in 1985; so I feel like I'm a "native". I'm a Mormon. Yeah!

About Me

I am a K-1 Montessori Public School teacher. I got my passion for teaching from my mom. She was a first grade teacher. As I was growing up, I would watch how she served all of her children and parents. My mom had a quiet dedication and love for all of her kids. I saw her grading papers and making materials for her room until all hours of the day and night. We helped as a family in putting her classroom together. As a child, I had dylexia. I didn't like to read, because I was made fun of a lot. I decided in 3rd grade that I was going to be a great school teacher and that I would never make fun of kids in my room who couldn't read. I wanted to help all kids who were like me. So I worked hard went to college. While in college I had a wonderful mentor professor that showed me many ways to make reading easier for me. She gave me yellow transparenies to laid over anything that I would read. The yellow seemed to make the letters darker and come alive. I used them every time I went to read. She told me that I could teach my kdg./1st graders to do the same. The next strategy was to put black construction paper over the letters and use a white correction pen and make all of the letters of the story. White letters on a black back ground instead of the black letters on white paper helped me not to reverse the letters. Now I love to read and I teach this to my kids. I love to do genealogy. It is my second passion. Working on genealogy gives me an eternal connectiveness and belonging.

Why I am a Mormon

My husband was raised Christian Scientist. I was raised Presbyterian. After our daughter was born, it became real important what we were going to tell her about God. So I started reading the New Testament. I read in Hebrews 6:20 that “Jesus was made the High Priest after the order of Melchizedek”.So authority must be important. Fred and I had joined 11 different churches looking for Jesus’ Church that was on the earth at the same time He was here. I told Fred that we joined the wrong church! He told me to pray one last time and ask God which church to join. That night In November of 1980, two Mormon missionaries walked up to my house in the middle of a blizzard. When I answered the door, they said “we’re from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; and we have a message from your Father in Heaven!” I was baptized. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I am grateful for the many revelations and covenants that I enjoy because of him being willing to ask Heavenly Father which church was Jesus Christ’s church? I am grateful he remained faithful and did not quit. I pray, too that I will be that faithful. I know that we have a living Prophet on the earth today. It makes me feel safe and peaceful! I know that Jesus is the Christ and my Savior. Seeing His hands in all of my life, I am grounded. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not just another church; but it is JESUS CHRIST’S CHURCH! The same church that was on the earth at the time of our Savior! I am grateful for Temples and knowing how to do genealogy work! I know that the Book of Mormon is lighthouse to get us back home. It is our book of instructions…our safe net. It is a book of a family that is in trouble and needs to be healed. I believe that we are all broken and are in need of the Savior! I receive POWER and strength. It is like putting on the whole armor of God every day. I am grateful for all that I am, all that was and all that I will be because of the Gospel!

How I live my faith

I have been a Missionary 15 out of 31 years in the church. What I have learned through all of that was I could never have been married to a non-believer. I must be evenly-yoked to a man who believes in the Savior, practices the gifts of the Atonement, keeps his covenants, and honors his Priesthood. I want to marry my best friend. I have worked with the teenager ages 12-17. I love teaching them about the Savior.I have been a gospel doctrine teacher 3 times. Because of my love for genealogy, I have done name extraction; and have worked in the Temple in Arizona several years since I moved here in 1985. One of my favorite callings is to be a visiting teacher.The sisters that I visit and serve are always my best friends in the gospel. We lighten each other's load, and bring joy and smiles every time we meet. I was given a small book many years ago by one of my sisters.The name was "Something Worth Leaving Behind' by Brett Beavers & Tom Douglas. This book gave me an incredible idea. I wanted to leave a legacy for my child and my grandchildren. So that when they heard my name they woud know what I stood for in my life. I hope that when people come into my home they see and feel what I believe. The same year that I received the book is the same time that I was asked to become a Montessori Teacher Trainer for SMCC in Phoenix. I teach interns in the summer and fall how to become great teachers. As of this date, we have graduated over 300 students. I wrote a book about how to teach 3-6 years old how to read. It is about my many life experiences in teaching myself how to overcome my own challenges in learning how to read. I am sooooo richly blessed.