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Hi I'm Brente

I'm a Mormon. I was born into the church, grew up in the Church, but it wasn't until I was 50 years old that I was "converted"!

About Me

Although I was born into the Church by the time I was 18 and away at college I was heeding satan much more than the family and church values I had learned. I had memorized well, meaning when in Seminary I was one of the better Scripture chasers and deep down I knew that God lived and the Jesus Christ was his Son, but I didn't study or work to gain a testimony or live it's teachings. That is until God in his infinite wisdom sent me on a collision course with an Oldsmobile, while riding my Harley! It took several months of pain pills and feeling sorry for myself before the Spirit spoke to me. I was sitting around, unable to work (for over a year), I felt like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day", it was time I did something besides wasting away doing nothing. I was mostly stuck at home and in a wheelchair (for over 4 years), I thought what can I do with all this free time? Suddenly the "light bulb" went off, I have always wanted to say that I had read the entire standard works (The Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctine & Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price), these are the Scriptures of our Church. It has been a long road back, but obviously well worth the effort. I love the beach, although I no longer live in San Diego, I love golf (because I am a gluten for punishment and love to bring myself down to the depths of humility, haha) And my one favourite passion is my Harley, yep, I bought another one after the last one was killed. I also love Brasilians, especially my wife.

Why I am a Mormon

I have already given you the basis of my conversion, from being born into the Church to falling away to having the Lord show me the way back. But truth be told, I am LDS because the truthfulness of the Gospel has been given to me by the Spirit! I have had many promptings and personal revelations given to me by the Spirit, but I would like to share one in particular, it is very sacred to me but I hope that it may be of worth to someone else out there. I had just started going back to church, I was completely done with drinking and all the other extra-curricular activities that had drawn me away from the Church. I had had a couple of meetings with the Bishop in my Escondido ward and had asked him when would I be able to start taking the sacrament again, he said, "you will know when it is right". I had prayed about it and pondered about it. A few weeks later, while I was showering to get ready for church, the question came into my mind and I wondered when I would be able to partake, a soft voice said directly to me in my mind, if you are ready to commit, then just do it! There was a strong feeling of just make the commitment to me and you are ready and it is time for you to move forward. Your sins are forgotten.

How I live my faith

Struggling every day. Some things are easy, for instance, I know that I will never drink, smoke or do drugs, ever! But I still struggle when people treat me badly and I am very impatient. But I am constantly trying to consider each situation in my life and try understanding the other person and where they are coming from, how they think and feel. In the Church I am a Sunday School teacher for the 13 year olds, each lesson is on the life of one of the modern day Prophets. It has been very emjoyable for me, of course I always worry about those whom I teach, will they listen, will they feel the Spirit as it tries to teach them these wonderful principles that these incredible men taught and lived! At that age some do not realize the battle they are in for their souls and let's face it I should know all about it, I was that age (though it may have been a long time ago). I love Home Teaching, when I lived in Gilbert it was an extremely spiritual experience, my partner and I had "parallel" lives and had many incredible times with our families and still keep in touch with some, all these years later. The opportunity to serve others, my hope whether it has been with my Home Teaching families or my Sunday School class, I hope that the many experiences and mistakes that I have made will help me to steer others away from the pitfalls that satan sets for us. satan hates us unconditionally, just as our Father in Heaven and our Saviour love us unconditionally. The trials of our lives make us stronger and when I strive to live righteously and do Temple worship, I have the guidance of the Holy Ghost to help me to help others. I also try to let people know that I am LDS and if they show an interest or I see an "opening", I try to tell them more about the Gospel.