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Hi I'm Kathy

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

We live in a beautiful world and I am grateful that the Lord has given me the talent of being artistic. I've had many jobs over the years, the longest being a computer systems engineer, but I'm also a painter and find peace through creating. Mom to three grown children, grandmother to four plus six more through our blended family, married to a wonderful man (non-member) and I love the gospel and church, which I joined over 30 years ago through friendship with other members. I'm lucky now to work in an art gallery and am constantly meeting new people. I arrange more than a dozen art exhibitions and art events a year with hundreds attending and I'm seeing my world enlarge through meeting others. I am still amazed by the uniqueness of each individual and know that our Savior knows, and loves, each of us.

Why I am a Mormon

A new friend, Jean, taught me about the LDS church over 30 years ago. As summer camp counselors, we watched campfire coals send sparks shooting up to the stars in the wide expanse of night sky and talked about the immensity of the universe and our small role in it. She did tell me there was a plan, a higher purpose to our lives and a loving Father in Heaven that knew us and loved us. It wasn't news - I felt that too, but somehow, she wrapped it in purity, logic and intelligence that spoke to my heart in a kind of déjà vu--reminding me of what I knew had to be true. I just hadn't phrased it that way before. Convinced that thoughts take on a deeper meaning when uttered as if a distillation or clarification takes place passing from the brain to the mouth, expressing my beliefs and faith to Jean made them more solid. While my spiritual self was formed at 17, but still soft as jello unsteady on a plate, she was sure and spoke testimony as confident as concrete - there was a God, there was a Christ and life, both eternal and good, came through repentance and grasping His extended hand. She told me that I could believe or not as I wanted, but that she knew a man named Joseph Smith in the 1800s had had a vision, had seen God and His Son, and that he was a prophet. There was now a prophet on the earth guiding us today. I had been seeking spiritual truth and guidance from God and here it was, in the words of a friend gently blessing my ears and heart with the doctrine of Christ. I believed. Jean gave me a Book of Mormon. I read it over several days. I found great truth in it. But, I wanted to be certain. Alone I knelt and asked God if the Book of Mormon really was true. A warm peaceful feeling washed over me whispering to my soul that it was true. "Really?" I prayed. "Yes," was the quiet answer--unmistakable, pure and piercing through me as a sharp sword. Knowing, and still not knowing all, I joined. It has been the best decision I have ever made in my life.

How I live my faith

I have had many opportunities over the years to serve others - artists, art lovers, clients, friends, co-workers - and find my most fulfilling moments are spent teaching and enlarging our understanding of the world, spiritual things and each other. It seems that I have always had teaching as a position in our church. I've taught every age group from 18 months to adults. The most important and consistent truth I've taught to every age is that Jesus Christ lives; He is our Redeemer and He knows and loves you. With this knowledge as a foundation, living His teachings is easier. We all have struggles, we all have challenges and moments of weakness, but knowing our Savior will uplift us, knowing He will aid and guide us and that He will forgive us, gives us strength beyond our own to accomplish more and to become better people. I live my faith, I live the principles taught in our church because I know they are right. I know I am better when I set goals, spiritual goals and life goals, and daily talk with my Lord about accomplishing them. I use prayer and scripture study to draw me closer to God. Its important to me to know that I am following the teachings of the Savior. There have been blessings given to me because I try to live a spiritual life. My children and family have been blessed with peace, with direction and safety as we live the Savior's teachings.