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Hi I'm Whitney McFarlane

I'm a writer, musician, a full-time sister, and love to Adventure

About Me

I come from the Southern State of Florida. Where I have grown up and learned to love the Gospel. As a child i moved around a total of 3 times. I was an Army Brat, my father stationed in Killeen Texas for all of his Career. Then moved to wisconsin to help my grandfather, then finally moved down the Florida. I love to read the scriptures, the book of Mormon is an amazing book and teaches us the principles that we need to be living in our daily life. Unlike most teen agers I LOVED early morning seminary. I also love music, i love playing the Clarinet, Piano and the Saxophone. Writing novels is my all time favorite thing to do when i have nothing else to do, and usually that is mostly the case. :)

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I was raised in the church, I still had to gain my own testimony of everything the church teaches. I could of course just go on the testimony of my parents or those around me. But then how would I know for my self that all this was true? I had to find out for myself. I have read the Book of Mormon twice and still reading it, and I know that as I have read I have found answer to prayers, I have learned things that I had questions about, Like if Jesus Christ visted other countries, not just the Americas or Jerusalem, my answer was found in 3 Nephi 16. So i know that as we read the Book of Mormon, that we learn new things, and the stories and the historical information contained in this book, there is no way a uneducated farmboy could have written this book, there is no way he could have had access to the information to a place so far away. So I figured that if the Book of Mormon is True, then Joseph Smith is a true prophet. And I had to watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, to gain a stronger testimony of him, and now i use it with my investigators. I also love the high standards of the church, where i feel welcome and protected.

How I live my faith

I try to do the best that I can, showing the love of Christ through everything that i do, for other people or just in my action in words. Because I know when people see me and the things I do, they'll see the light of Christ in me. It is said Charity is the pure love of Christ, and as I do charity work or help someone out I know that they can feel the love of Christ through me. I also think What would Jesus Do, If it is something Christ wouldn't do then its something i won't do, and if its something he would do, I'll do it. Living my faith, and being able to talk to other people about it brings me joy, whether they be members or not.

Why did your church previously practice plural marriage (polygamy)?

Whitney McFarlane
During the time Polygamy was active in our church, many husbands took the wives of other women whose husbands have passed away and are left alone with a lot of kids. And so these men took in these women and loved them as their own wives, and raised women's children as their own kids and took care of them so that they did not perish in the wilderness as they travelled across the plains. But then it became a law of the Land that it was against to practice polygamy, and since our church believes in obeying and honoring the law of the land we have stopped practicing polygamy. Show more Show less

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

Whitney McFarlane
There is absolutely no race or color restrictions. EVERYONE is a child of God, we are all working towards the same goal and every opportunity is given to everyone to accept or reject this message. Show more Show less