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Hi I'm Rod

I grew up in Minnesota and in 2001 moved to the Bible Belt. I searched for the true church and in 2010 I found it. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was an avid golfer, but am now however limited by my vision. I spend my time now sharing my experiences with others and helping them have a better life. I'm retired and have a good deal of free time. I enjoy being with people who are willing to share their life experiences with me and others. It seems that eventually in these conversations we reach the source of our life changes, and that is the relationship we have established with God. We all recognize that this is a journey and we will be on this spiritual journey the rest of our lives. That is exciting!

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a family that did not attend church, did not have a Bible in the house, and never spoke of God. My contacts with God were through friends who invited me to their churches, which were many. Some were satisfying at the time, others had no appeal to me. Later in life I realized there was a large void depriving me of peace, comfort, and happiness. I made a desicion after reading the "Left Behind" series that I would seek to have a relationship with a higher power. I did not know where to find God, and began attending several different churches on a regular basis. I learned much from these experiences, but knew that there was something missing - there had to be more! A neighbor, who has sunlight shining through her at all times, invited me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She told me it would be a 3 hour service and I asked if I should pack a lunch. However I found the 3 hours to pass rapidly, and enjoyed the services and the members of the congregation who reached out to me in a way that made me feel very welcome. I asked that the missionaries begin to visit and teach me more about the Mormon Faith and on 30 October, 2010 I was baptized and became a member of the LDS Church.

How I live my faith

The wisdom that I need in order to grow spiritually begins with prayer each day, and a portion of the day devoted to listening to the Scriptures. I associate with groups of people who don't know God, or perhaps they are angry with Him, so I have an audience that I can reach by the example of how I live and how I express my beliefs and attitude. Several of these people have asked me to work with them personally because they feel that I have something that they want in their life. This is a great feeling, but also a great responsibility, and I feel the strength given to me from God will enable me to reach many of these people. At some point in our discussions they will be invited to attend services at our church, and perhaps they will experience the same feeling I had when I first attended. However, I believe that there are many people throughout our society that are searching for what I have found. I must have the courage to reach out to these people as well, although they may be strangers.

Are Mormons Christians?

Do you know the full name of the Mormon Church? People just don't know. So I give them the full name (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and ask them, "Why do you think we have the name of Jesus Christ in our church if we aren't Christians?" Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

The Church today does not practice polygamy. We are often confused with splinter groups who may still support and practice polygamy. We believe in the laws of God, and we obey civil law. This is a belief people have which may be attributed to the kindness of people of our faith who took in widows and children of families who lost their husbands and fathers through wars or other unexpected events. This was an act of charity and should be viewed as such, rather than the negative feelings that many have. Show more Show less