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Hi I'm Tom

I grew up in Califonia, I love Family, Acting, Music, UFC, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I come from a large family and was raised Mormon. However, like any one, I was raised in the religion of my family. As I got older I decided to look around at what was out there. I studied multiple religions and mythology. It amazed me that the Greeks thought there were Gods living on a mountain that would eventually be climbed and turned into a sought after tourist high adventure hike. There was nothing there but rocks. I began to actually listen to what I was being taught and came to find out it was one of the most beautifully taught doctrines not only in the world or religion, but in the world of Christianity. To take study to the next level, I began to pray and ask God. If there be a God, he would let me know. He did through the spirit of the Holy Ghost. The Bible refers to this as the comforter left by Jesus Christ. Some say, "How can you rely on just a feeling?" In response I say, "That is a feeling that you obviously have never felt." There is a difference between a gut feeling, and a spiritual experience. The teachings of Jesus Christ are my guide today and I have always brought happiness in a life of emotional struggle.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because, it brings me more joy and peace then I could ever imagine. How? Because I have felt the true love of God. Jesus taught of his gospel, his doctrine, which is simply, Faith in Him (Jesus Christ), Repentance (forgiveness of our sins), Baptism (By emersion and for the remission of sins), Reciveing the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End (Keeping the commandments of God). These simple steps have brought joy in my life and made me happy. We are all asked to "come unto Christ." That requires action. So, I wanted to know If i could be truley forgiven for sins and mistakes I have made. So first I had to find out, was Christ even there, was he realy the "son of God" as he himself called himself in the Bible. So I tried to do the best research i could. I didnt go to some third source, I read his teachings, his words. I prayed and needed to know if he was there. I prayed and prayed, I felt good, but I still wanted to know more, i wanted to be sure. I then had The Book of Mormon, which is the testimony of those people here in the Americas and thier dealings with God. I decided to read The Book of Mormon. I didnt know what would happen, I just thought I would read it. Then I came accross a chapter in the Book of Alma 32 where a man prays to know if God is even there, he then recieves a remarkable answer. I decided to follow this king's example. I knelt down in prayer and said a prayer askeing simply, if God was there, if this was truth, if all these things I have been taught were truley his way. The answere came so clearly that night, it was in feeling and power. It is not just a feeling, but the Power of the Holy Ghost that one can only describe if he has experianced it in compleate detail. I later read in the Introduction the first purpose of the Book is, that if we read, we will learn that Jesus Christ is The Savoir and Redeemer of the World. I promise This is True, and it has changed me.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to love others. Its hard, i get as frustraighted as the next guy when he gets cut off on the free way, or your order gets messed up, but I try to ask my self, does it realy matter? I try to tell my self in the heat of compleate anoyance, "Man I love you and your brights, and I love it when you tail gate me, please, stay alittle longer, bless you dear brother!" I live my faith by trying to serve my community, I am a strong bealiver in comunity arts, that everyone should have the opertunity to fullfill their art dream. Even if they are a irigation manager at a Country Club by day, and get to fulfill thier acting dream once a year. Charity is something I constantly am working towards, not thier yet, but am working towards. I live my faith, simply, by living. Thats allways the challenge, the everyday challenge, but to forget your self and love others. How do I love? A wise man once said, "Work, is Love made visable." I love that the church of Jesus Christ allows us opertunities to work for him, because, we can show our love for him, and for others.