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Hi I'm Kealoana

I'm a sister, a musician, and a dreamer.

About Me

My name is Kealoana, aka Loana. Born and raised in Australia I'm a homeschool graduate, music maker and am currently finding my way in this crazy journey called life. I'm the eldest of 8 kids, 3 sisters & 4 brothers, which has made me a pro baby whisperer and a great wanna-be chef. I play classical piano, a bit of guitar and I love singing. I've spent most of my youth years singing and performing with my father or singing/playing in choirs. I'm a daredevil so when it comes to thrill rides and theme parks I'll do it, a bit of scaredy cat, but willing to try new things. I love to laugh, enjoy a good book when I make the time to sit, and I want so badly to travel and see the world God has made for us. My favourite blessings are my family & friends, they teach me so many things I couldn't learn on my own, I'm reminded each day of my dependence on God and why I need a Saviour, and I've learnt that I can be brave. But more than anything I've learnt to accept me just the way I am, and then from there get better. I'm changing everyday... And I try to make sure that it's a change going towards God.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because I asked God if this church was the true church, and he answered me. It's a heart thing, something I just know and feel so sure about. I can't deny it, for me it's like knowing the sun will rise tomorrow. I know because I asked and I continue to receive confirmations of my decision each day that I try to draw closer to Him. Being a member of the church has not made my life any easier, if anything it's like I've been put in the refiners fire; I've been stretched, chastised, humbled, refined and chipped away here and there. But I'm so much better for it, and I've been able to endure hardships and come out stronger and with a deeper capacity to empathise, understand and love others. I still have lot's of refining to do and being a member of this gospel doesn't make life's trials dissappear, but it's made my life easier just knowing that I'm never alone, because God loves me and is always near. I know He loves me and I know He's there, especially in the hard times. I've felt His love strengthen me when life has been too hard to bear, and I continue to receive answers, peace and love, even more when I keep the promises I've made with God. This gospel has all the solutions to all of life's problems, I can testify of that and that's why I continue to live as a member of this church.

How I live my faith

I spend a lot of time serving others without realising it, from primary kids to youth and adults. It's the biggest part of how I live my faith; serving others! I'm either visiting others, giving a lesson or leading activities, playing piano or singing for church. Thats one way I live my faith. But I enjoy serving in church because I usually get to meet so many people from different walks of life, others I wouldn't usually talk to or serve, and it teaches me to love and grows the love I have inside of me, my capacity to love is increased. I also learn to be wise as well. Another way I live my faith is in the music industry I work in. It's not always the easiest thing to do, but I strive to make sure the songs I perform help me keep the covenants I've made. I make an extra effort to keep my standards with others I'm around and to be an influence for good rather than be influenced. When writing songs I'm mindful that although I want to be honest and share my experiences, I also want to be able to inspire others and somehow have the gospel light shine through me. I try to live my faith in the way I speak, dress and act when it comes to music and the industry I'm in. I try to be a light reflecting the truths & testimony I have.

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes! I'm a Christian. If a Christian is a follower of Christ then I am definately christian. I believe in Jesus Christ, and being a 'Mormon' all our doctrine and teachings are based on Christ and His life and ministry. Christians are followers of Christ, and 'Mormon's' or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are definately followers of Christ. The real name of the church says it all. Show more Show less