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Hi I'm Phyllis.

I'm a "Cookie Cutter" Mormon because I choose to rejoice in being like many others who love living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

About Me

I had the good fortune of growing up on a farm. We enjoyed space; quiet; delicious home grown food; wonderful neighbors; clear skies and fresh air. It was a healthy; happy way of life. I learned to work alongside my mother in the home and with my father in his fields. I revere my good parents who loved me, They taught me by example to live honorably. They supported me in my activities, my interests and encouraged me to achieve in my education. They gave me the opportunity to take dance lessons which filled my young life with a special joy. I had the opportunity to perform often in our town and I taught dance lessons which helped me earn money for College and gives me much pleasure still, as I enjoy watching the beauty and grace of professional ballet performances. Through my parents' love, training and whole hearted support, they set me free to live my hopes and dreams.   . I married my college sweetheart at the end of my Junior year and moved to a town with no university which precluded me finishing college for a time. We have seven children and 23 grandchildren. Our life together is fulfilling my every hope and dream. When our youngest child started High School, I returned to school and completed my studies for a Bachelor's degree in English. A life long goal fulfilled. I enjoy serving the Lord and my family, I love family gatherings, phone calls from our family and friends, gardening, Classical Ballet, reading, walking and being at home. I love my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a 5th generation Mormon. I was always eager to go to church with my mother and grandparents. I loved the people who taught my classes. My earliest memory of Church is being in a class with about 5 other children. Our teacher knew us very well and treated us with gentleness. When she taught us about Christ's life and His love for us - I knew it was true because her voice was reverent and sounded like heaven to me. I could feel her goodness, therefore, when she described the Savior it was easy to love Him too. I never questioned what I was taught. I could feel that it was right and as I tried to do what I was taught I found that I was happy and I could recognize answers to prayers and blessings I knew came from our Father in Heaven. As I think back on my early memories of Church I know I was born with love already in my heart for our Father in Heaven and because of the goodness of the people who taught me - I have never lost what was in my heart. As I grew - the pattern of good and loving teachers persisted and the truths of the gospel grew more important to me. My high school seminary experiences as a teenager were faith promoting and, again, my teachers nurtured my faith and helped me become more familiar with the scriptures. I learned to love scripture study. As life progressed - I could see the difficulty that many people experience as they live life without spiritual nurturing. I am a Mormon because I know the doctrine is true. My whole soul resonates with the peace, joy and love that comes as I pray, study the scriptures, serve my family and others, fulfill my callings, and attend the temple where I gain a broader perspective on life. I feel the love of God in my life and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. When difficulties come my way - I find solace in prayer and great comfort knowing Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I was born into a Mormon family but have confidently, gratefully chosen to be a Mormon and I love my life.

How I live my faith

Because I know God loves me and guides me - I serve Him. I find that as I serve Him I am blessed and my family is blessed.  God and family go hand in hand in my heart. I am a Visiting Teacher which means that I have a few women I visit each month. I love this opportunity. I learn to know them well and develop meaningful relationships. Since all members can actively participate in the Church, I have worked with young children, teen age youth and in the adult women's organization where I currently serve. For several years I helped organize a Community Christmas Celebration sponsored by our Church. We invite the community to come to our church building and enjoy a beautiful display of nativity scenes and Christmas music presented by church and community groups. My husband and I served a two year mission for the Church as directors of the Temple Visitor's Center in Hamilton, New Zealand. I study the Bible and The Book of Mormon which is a second witness of Jesus Christ. I read our monthly church magazine, The Ensign. I attend church regularly. I go to our temple often. The temple is a place of worship. It is the pinnacle of our faith. I love the peace and joy the gospel brings to me. I'm grateful that through the guidance of the principles of the gospel - my life has been, is now and will always be joyful. As a young child on the farm, I had a terrible fear of snakes. The only snakes there were harmless water snakes - but they terrified me. When I sometimes walked through our farm alone, I prayed constantly that I wouldn't see a snake and I never did. I have had many more significant prayers answered in my life but this one in my tender years sent the message home to me forever - Trust in the Lord. Being a Mormon makes life as good as it can get! I love my life.