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Hi I'm Dawn Futrell

I'm 21 & I'm an only child, graduated from high school in june of 2011 & I'm outgoing, hardworking, & determined. & I'm a mormon

About Me

I'm 20 and I graduated from high school june 2011. I'm hardworking, determined, creative, intelligent, punctual and when others are feeling sad and down im there to comfort them. and when im sad i just listen to church music or read the scriptures and the scriptures are always there to help me and so is my heavenly father. I also love playing my violin and i can sing very well and im a daughter and i plan on going to college soon but right now im in a program where i learn how to keep and get a paying job. and my hobbies are swimming, tennis, batmiton, soccer, baseball, kickball, bowling, and etc. I kind of had trouble a few times because a lot of my friends would cuss when i was around but i always ignored it so it wouldn't take me down the wrong path which has helpd me a lot and i know the church is true and I hope someday people will be as good as i am and i got straight A's in high school and 100% attendence in seminary and its so much fun making new friends and being able to keep old ones as well but i know my old friends will surely miss me when i get older but im proud to be mormon because it helps me to become a better person and to gain better friendships in life.

Why I am a Mormon

Well when I was a baby I was born into the church. When your born into the church it means that my parents were mormons but long ago before I was born they were converted into the church. I got baptised when I was 8 years old. That is when we are ready to receive the holy ghost and the holy ghost tells us and lets us know what is from right or wrong. my heavenly father speaks to me whenever I'm in trouble or when I need him in my life. You can feel him in your heart or at special places that you know are very safe. Everytime I walk into the temple I always feel calm and relaxed like I know that I feel very safe and I know that is the exact place I want to go to be able to get married someday and go with my hubby to the temple and be married for all eternity but i know I'm getting near that age of marriage. Being mormon you get to know how to be a better friend to others and you can help out people who are less fortunate of yourself. I know this church is true because heavenly father has helped me in my darkest times when I needed somebody and now I know to be there for someone if they need my help like a sparkling angel in the spotlight. so whenever anyone needs my help or just needs a friend just let me know. I will make sure to be there for anyone of you who needs a helping hand. I'm very proud to be a mormon and to be in the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.

How I live my faith

I live in faith everyday by particpating in church activities. In these specific activities we go out and do things for people who are in need of our love and support. for example on the 2nd of november our church did a charity and we collected food from a restaurant and gave it to the homeless in seattle with the mama's hands charity. it was so much fun and doing that charity helps me realize how less fortunate people are in the world and how my world have more things then they do. and when we do special things in the church we get special callings or blessings. for example if somebody is injured or very ill. we give them a blessing and within a few days or a week they are all better again because we use heavenly fathers courage and strenghth to make them feel better. When we get a calling we have to do something to earn that special calling. For example if we stay friendly and keep helping out all of our friends or doing special things for others one of our friends will mention how good we did helping out and then one of the people in charge gives us a very special calling so we can help out the church even more in a very special way. but i know by living in faith everyday and i know that is also helps me to be a better friend and to know whats right and wrong and i believe in this church so much with all my heart and i say this in the name of jesus christ amen.

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

Dawn Futrell
The mormon profit today and currently is Thomas s. monson. hes very kind and gentle and knows exactly what to say at the correct time and hes also good at helping people that need him. Show more Show less