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Hi I'm Jamesen

I'm a Pre-Medical student. Life is an adventure and I'm ready for my next one to begin. I'm 25. I love sports and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My last life adventure was a 4 month teaching experience in China. While I was there I felt a great love for the people of China and knew that they were undoubtedly God's children too. While I was living in China, I was privileged to attend church with fellow Latter-Day Saint Christians (mostly foreigners living in China). This was a privilege because China does not allow their own citizens the freedom to worship and explore other faiths. My friends and I could worship in church meetings but only because we were foreigners. But think of all the Chinese people who are hindered by their government from finding eternal truths. The Chinese people are a great people ready to receive the truth of God but they don't know where to find it. I'm indebted to our great country, founded on principles of freedom which allow me the right to know my God! I am free to live my life, pursue happiness, and enjoy liberty! Men and women have paid for our freedom with their lives. How can I stand by and not seek God? How could I live life day to day in so mundane a manner, distracted by all the fancy things of modern day, forgetting the whole purpose of life? My life has a purpose. I know it because of the Plan of Salvation (God's plan for us) revealed through prophets both ancient and in our present day. I will stand up for the freedom of this country that my family can continue to worship God, so that my children will know to what source they can be saved and forgiven of their mistakes.

Why I am a Mormon

The Book of Mormon is the key to my faith, and my faith is in Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I believe the Book of Mormon comes from God with the intent to improve our understanding of Him and his plan for us. The Book of Mormon teaches of Christ, that we cannot be saved any other way than by him. When I read the Book of Mormon, I feel the spirit (peace and comfort) Connected to my belief in the Book of Mormon is my belief that Joseph Smith was a Prophet in modern times (1800's). That he was directed by God to translate the scriptural account (The Book of Mormon) and that he was also directed by God to restore the Church of Christ. After Joseph Smith died, God called another Prophet to continue to guide the world. It has been this way ever since Joseph smith. In 2006 I got to go to Utah to hear the Prophet (Gordon Hinckley) speak. It was great and I felt the same peace and life within me as when I read the Book of Mormon. At the end of the conference, after the Prophet spoke, the choir sang "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet." The last part of the song, the congregation stood and joined the choir as they sang. I was overcome with a strong feeling that Gordon Hinckley was a prophet in our days. I was able to sing with everyone else and express my gratitude to God that I knew of a Prophet in our days. That I could follow his counsel and come to know God just as Moses brought the people closer to God and to their promised land. Our promised land is to live with God again.

How I live my faith

I live my faith one day at a time. An important principle of Jesus Christ's Gospel is "Enduring to the End." Enduring to the end can mean having the strength continually to resist worldly temptations. But it also means getting through your mistakes when temptations get the best of you. Never give up! God certainly never gives up on us. He is the perfect example of enduring to the end. His love for us is ever enduring. But we must keep his commandments and do all we can do, then the grace of Christ will heal us as we rely on Him, not our own abilities. I love Jesus Christ and I keep his commandments because of my love for him. I also keep His commandments because I know that the commandments are for my best interests. I am happier and have greater ability to live and love life as I do what God has asked me to do. I put my trust in God and I never give up, even when life gets hard and I make mistakes. Romans 8:6 "For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." I feel peace as I put off the natural tendencies of being a man and instead follow Christ's invitation to be like him. Perfection won't come in this life, but I believe life will be perfect with all it's imperfections as we live the commandments and rely on Jesus Christ. Life will be hard, but we will understand God and see the bigger picture. Life will bring sorrow with the death of loved ones, but God will bring peace. Knowledge sets us free from the sorrows of this life.