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Hi I'm Grant

I'm a Nurse, a Dad, a Husband, and a Mormon.

About Me

I've been a nurse (RN) in the Intensive Care Unit, a family practice, and now work in a dermatology office. For a few years, I also owned my own handyman business. I love the medical field, but also have a great time remodeling, even if it is only on my own house right now. I've constantly tried to work at places that maximize my time with my wife and five kids. I have a younger family from ages 3 months to 10 years. My wife works harder than I do because she stays at home with the kids. We try to do something fun together every Monday night and something bigger on Saturday. Some things we like to do are NERF wars, play tennis, hot dog roasts, have a "picnic" in the living room and watch a movie, and other fun stuff. We plan out an entire month and look forward to that time. A personal interest of mine is researching about my ancestors and helping others to do it as well. My wife actually got me into it while we were dating.

Why I am a Mormon

I really feel that we are not alone. When I was younger, I had several experiences where I knew that God heard my prayers. It wasn't that He gave me what I wanted. He just let me know in certain ways that He heard me. I also learned that I can be forgiven of sin and bad choices that I had made. This became very apparent when I felt myself come to a crossroads where I could either continue to make similar choices to my peers around me which seemed fun and exciting or I could make the choices that would allow me to continue to feel the peace and love that I felt from God. I never felt better than when I felt that love from God. I didn't ever want to lose that feeling. I made a decision that night to do my best to change my life and make good choices so that I could have God's love with me. Once I made that choice, I learned a lot about Jesus Christ's sacrifice for me and how we can overcome our habits and choices that take us away from God's presence. I give all my thanks to Jesus Christ for allowing me to overcome my past and be able to feel God's love and influence in my life and my family's life. There was a song that helped me through this rough time that describes Jesus Christ as a lighthouse that lights the way across stormy seas to help the weary sailor (who was me) to get home. The Book of Mormon and the Bible has also deepened my love for God and Jesus Christ and has helped me to learn how to follow them, serve my neighbors and friends, get through trials, appreciate life, and have God's guidance in my life. There are a million reasons that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm just grateful to have found what I have found and hope everyone can enjoy what God offers so freely.

How I live my faith

To the Church, we donate tithing (we give 10% of our income) and fast offerings (we don't eat or drink anything for two meals a month-- unless you medically can't do so; the money we would have spent on those meals we then donate to the Church to help the poor). I help process those funds and help to make sure they are directed in a way that is used for the Lord's purposes. I am not paid to do this, nor is the leader of our local Church paid at all. We have no one that is paid. All the money goes to helping the poor or directly to pay for things the Church does-- having a church building, activities, etc. No one gets any special recognition for how much they give. I am one of two or three people that ever see who is giving and how much they are giving. The widow's mite is just as important as the rich man's donation. It is all the same to the Lord. We have helped people who were in need of medical help, food, housing, counseling, etc. The Lord has set up a great program to help the poor among us. I've been doing this particular calling for almost three years now. Before this, I have done a variety of things such as teaching Sunday school, working with the youth, scoutmaster, leading a group of men to assist families in our local church, and many other things. We can serve in multiple ways, no matter what our background or experiences are. Although it takes our personal time to do these things, I believe that God blesses my family and me in many ways. One way is that it is teaching my children to look out for others and to not be selfish. My wife has taught me and I totally agree that if we put God first in our lives then things will work out for the best (not necessarily as we had wished, but the best they could work out). My faith affects everything in my life for the good. There is no doubt in my mind that I am a better and happier man and have a happier family.