Eric: Mormon.

Hi I'm Eric

About Me

Well I have been working in real estate for about 8 years and love building things. My favorite things in life are my wife, two awesome girls, and the rest of my family. Life would seem pretty meaningless without them. I serve in the bishopric of my ward which I have to say is a dang cool ward. I love doing things out side like fishing, shooting, going on walks with the wife and kids, and anything else that sounds fun. For some reason I like collecting things, a trait I must have inherited from my grandma, as well as golfing which I inherited from my other grandma. life is good and I attribute it all to my faith and religion which has brought down the Lord's blessings in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was fortunate to grow up in the church and was raised as Nephi said by "goodly parents" who taught me in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and blessed be the name of my God for it. Even so, every person has to gain a personal testimony of the Lord's gospel and the truthfulness of his restored church for himself, and so it was with me. I read the Book of Mormon over 30 times and never have I read it without the Holy Ghost filling my heart with a witness of it's truth. Once I had a concern regarding the reality of the Prophet Joseph's calling as a prophet; but after praying to the Lord and asking to know what his thoughts were on the matter, I had the most powerful feeling of peace in my heart such that I could hardly speak and it's one of the few times in my life I've felt the Lord's love for me so strong. Then I got the distinct impression in my mind and heart that Joseph Smith was called by God to be his prophet precisely because God does love me so much and that God wanted, found and called a worthy young man (Joseph Smith) so He could reveal His will to him so that I would be able to know it. My faith has only grown stronger since then.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

I like the way Joseph Fielding Smith spoke of the scriptures. I'm paraphrasing, but he said that when the distance between him and God increases and he feels far away from God, all he has to do is immerse himself in the scriptures and the gap narrows and the spirituality returns. Because the Book of Mormon is scripture; scripture being anything that God has revealed through his duly ordained prophets; as I read it I feel the Lord drawing nearer to me. Anyone who has read the Book of Mormon knows that it is a tribute to Jesus Christ and increases your faith in Him and desire to know and serve Him. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are companions and testify of each other because they both testify of Christ and His (our) Father's plan for all of his children.

How I live my faith

The great thing about being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is that the Lord puts you to work quickly and keeps you busy doing good. I currently serve as 1st counselor to my great Bishop. I am assigned to work with the young men of the ward I attend among other things. We have a great bunch of energetic youth and we love planning and doing activities that build friendships, great experiences and memories, and most importantly faith. I also served as a full time missionary for the church in the Chicago Illinois Spanish Speaking Mission. What a blast! Life is just too short to sit around on your duff and pretend you don't have a part to play in the Lord's great plan of salvation.