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Hi I'm Edward

I was born in Fla. and love the ocean, when I turned 7 we moved to NC where all my family was at. At 40 moved to the desert in Wa.

About Me

Hey, I like doing alot of things. I was a Tooling Machinist for 30 years I love working with my hands in woodworking, fly tying, rod building, flying rc,,,,I worked 21 years Cutler-Hammer in N.C. In 1981 I married and had 2 lovely girls that I love very much, but after 14 yrs was divorced and after several years moved to Washington in 2000. I love talking to people, I've always tried to speak to everyone because that might be the only good word they hear all day, but being a big guy with a shaved head looking pretty scary is hard sometimes they high hat you when you walk by them and say hello. In my mind I thought my life was good, thought I was happy, knew I wasn't prefect in many ways. I was raised in a Penticostal Church back in NC and new right from wrong, had never been in jail or any trouble at all, I had started drinking in which became more and more as it usually does, sometimes I would go out with buddies and drink and throw darts, growing slowly away from what I once knew was right. I live in Washington in the desert, way out in no where, and there's a big yellow sign where you turn down the road I lived on that said in big letters DEAD END, little did I know it was talking about my life,,, my life was on a DEAD END path to nowhere ,no value ,no meaning and certianly not pleasing to God. But little did I know my life was about to change FOREVER......

Why I am a Mormon

In 2002 I was sitting in the TV room and saw something about a scripture so I pickup a Bible to look it up and while I was doing this it came to mind about how the Nazerene Church I was attending had never called to check on me after falling away for almost 2 years. While thinking of this, in that same room, me by myself I heard a voice speak to me out loud just as clear , it said"Their Will Be 2 People Come And You Will join that Church" I remember saying it out loud to myself and laughed that this surely wouldn't be so, but even then I knew this was from the Lord and I looked to the window and could imagine 2 shadows coming up on the porch, for weeks I thought about what was said but then it slipped from my mind as things do and was gone. It took 5 months and in Aug. here came 2 missionares up on that same porch on a saturday Aug. 3 .Seeing they were mormons We talked a little outside and I ask them to come back on tuesday. As they were leaving I ask them where the church was, what time it started and if I needed a pass to get in they laughed but I had heard all kinds of things about the Mormon church. I went to church the next day not knowing anything about it.I didn,t have a dress shirt/tie but went anyway, I wanted to see if all the horror stories that my old preachers said about the LDS church was as true. it was then that I found out for myself they were all False. I had aquired some bad habits with alcohol and the missionaries asked me in the days to come if I thought I could give it up, already having felt the spirit they brought to my home, I told them that today was the last day and thru the grace of God I was delivered, and then baptized the same month. I have loved it ever since, that was almost 10 years ago, my life is good. The Gospel really has all the answers to all the unanswered questions I had in my life before. What a blessing it is to be a Mormon. During this 9 yrs. I have found over 21,000 people in my Geneolgy what a blessing this is also

How I live my faith

I love the peace and comfort that knowing that I'm a member of the True Church here on the earth, I teach classes and very active in the community. In the church, I have been given 2 Families that I am responsible for, I have a partner that also shares this responsiblity and we go together and Home Teach our families, In the LDS church members are never forgotten, even if they become inactive and seem to fall away, if needs arise that can't be met the church is there to help unlike the other churchs I was once a part of, but then forgotten. In the Mormon Church you learn very soon that the Savior called us to service and charity. This is not to try and work your way into Heaven like I had heard so many times before, that this was the reason the mormons did so much service. No its because this is a commandment from the Savior to serve and show charity. When the missionares came to my house I answered the door not expecting the Blessing that was about to take place, that was Aug 3rd and I was Baptised Aug 29th....My name is Edward and I am a Mormon