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Hi I'm Amie

I'm a Cosmetologist. i love going to school and learning. i play golf for Gateway College. and i am a mormon!

About Me

i grew up as quite the pampered child. i was Baby Miss America before i was even a year old, and continued doing beauty pageants till i was about eight. i learned a lot of singing, dancing, acting.. i stayed singing in school and church choirs, but i prefer the sportier type of things now. i like playing wallyball (volleyball- in a racquetball court) i like to go paintballing, snowboarding, rollerblading, golfing.. i like riding my dirtbike with my dad and all his friends, going places only dirtbikes can go, seeing parts of nature that aren't regularly witnessed. i love being out in nature. seeing how miraculous this world is. watching gorgeous sunsets, and sunrises. i like hiking and rock climbing. i appreciate scenes that take my breath away, and strengthen my belief in a higher power. i LOVE doing hair. At a young age i would experiment on friends' hair, cutting coloring and styling; i have brave friends. i am now a licensed cosmetologist, and also a college student. im taking an assortment of core classes, to get a standard accosiates by next fall, and i do hair on the side whenever i have time to!

Why I am a Mormon

i was born into this church, however, that is not the reason i am a mormon today. i know that anyone can say that this church is centered around all of the right things: Faith. Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, in our God, and in the Holy Ghost. FAMILY. Charity-love, service, kindness. Virtue-respect for our sacred bodies, and for others. Honesty. Commitment. The ten commandments. The Word of Wisdom. -with these standards alone, this church holds such a great foundation for blessing families and individuals. for bettering lives, and spreading true joy, throughout those striving to follow them. just these things alone are wonderful... but they arent alone. these things were set up by a loving heavenly father. with only us in mind. and there is so much more to it!!! im a mormon, because 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ came to the earth and shared with us the Plan of Salvation. he taught [those listening] who they are, where they came from, and what will happen to them after death. im a mormon because even though his true church was taken from the earth shortly after setting it up, it has been restored back to this earth. im a mormon because a 14 year old boy, Joseph Smith, got down on his knees and prayed his heart out. im a mormon because by the power of the Holy Ghost, he was led, as a man, to translate (not write) the Book of Mormon into english. i am a mormon, because our heavenly father, the one true God, has let me feel that the Book of Mormon is a true testament of Jesus Christ. that it is the most correct book on this earth. And i am a mormon, because i feel closer to our Lord every time i read from that book, and every time i get on my knees to pray.

How I live my faith

i love people so easily, and love making new friends- people are always telling me that the reason they are drawn to me is because of my positive attitude and because im always smiling. but i know that the reason why im always happy, is because i live my faith. and they reason people are drawn to me, is because i feel confident in my beliefs. i try to set an example of what i believe in ALL THE TIME, and i love talking to anyone, about anything positive. i like being kind to people, and i always compliment someone when i like something, because i love the way joy can be easily spread to others. i don't believe in double standards, so when something doesn't feel right, i don't do it. i do not alter who i am for anyone, whether i be in the presence of my mom and dad, my little siblings, any of my friends, or my grandparents: i use the same words, and present myself the same way. i try to keep myself clean inside and out, which means i don't use swear words, even when expressing myself, i don't put drugs, alcohol, or tobacco into my body, as far as outside goes, i like to stay physically active, in sports or by exercising. i always wear clothing that covers me appropriately. i like to know that when someone sees me they see me for who i am, and what i believe in, and when someone likes me, they like ME.. and not by how my body looks. i also try to always live by my word. i feel like a big part of honesty is being able to back up what i say. im not even close to perfect, and i make mistakes everyday.. but everyday is also a new day to try to be the best i can be.