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Hi I'm Renee

I am a mom, a wife & a grandma (a.k.a. Tanna), I love cats, I'm a convert, & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife, mom, & a fairly young grandma but my grandchildren call me Tanna, it was supposed to be Granna the kids have their own ideas. I have 3 amazing kids & 3 gorgeous grandchildren. My family means the world to me! I love reading & doing things online & spending as much time I can with my grandbabies. I am a fairly active disabled person, I drive my van from my wheelchair & I work full-time & do the very best I can at taking care of my family with the assistance of my amazing husband.

Why I am a Mormon

As a young child I grew up with no religion. At 13 my dad & I were baptized into a Pentecostal church that my uncles went to. My parents were divorced So, I rarely went to church except when visiting my dad. I was never involved, I only attended a few of times. Growing up I always believed in God, I just had no direction. When I met my husband to be, his family was LDS, he himself was not active. I knew nothing about the Mormon church, but getting to know my amazing in-laws to be, I saw how happy & faithful they were so after a while I wanted to know more. My husband and I lived together before we were married. When I was about 6 months pregnant with our son, I took & completed my 1st missionary lessons. They asked me if I wanted to be baptized and I said yes. They told me if I committed to baptism, I couldn't continue to live with my husband to be, unless we were married & we couldn't at the time because of certain circumstances. I was heartbroken & I felt a little betrayed in a way & was upset at the whole church in general. A few years later, we had been married about 5 years & a lot of different things, seemed to be leading me back to the church. Talking with a new friend, who happen to be LDS, I was going through some difficult times, she asked me if I wanted to meet 2 guys that she knew who were really great. I knew right away she was talking about missionaries. Over the years My heart began to soften towards the church, so I went home and discussed it with my husband. In the past he was always against going back. Even when I took my 1st missionary lessons, he wanted no part of it. But after praying about it we agreed as a couple that this was what we needed & wanted to do. Our little family took missionary lessons together & were baptized & my husband was re-baptized. We've had ups & downs since, but I don't regret it. I fully believe in the gospel even though I'm not active, I still believe, and I pray I'll find my way back to being active.

How I live my faith

I truly wish I had more to say here. I'm not an active member of the church as you can tell from the section above. I did hold a calling about 10 years ago where the visiting teachers would call me and let me know if they finished their teaching for the month. But that's the only calling I've had. Although I'm not an active member, I still hold the word of wisdom sacred. We went to the temple about a year after we were baptized & that was a very special day and still is in my heart. Our home teachers & visiting teachers visit us regularly & they're always welcome in our home as are the missionaries. I've been considering retaking missionary lessons maybe as a way to give back involved. **Update** Jan 2013 Since i first created this profile, I'm happy to say that I have since returned back to church & both my husband & I have been attending regularly. We also have our Temple recommends & are very much looking forward to attending. I'm also attending BYU-Idaho Pathway Online Program which has been so great because not only is it preparing me for my bachelors degree, but the religion classes are awesome! It's as if I get to learn what I would have, had I had the opportunity to go to seminary or institute. One major lesson I've learned is, it's much easier to just hang on to the iron rod, than it is to try to make your way back through the dark mists. And I'm never letting go again!