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Hi I'm John Manley

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My father was a man who strove from solid Irish Catholic middle class roots, to receive an education at one of the country's top schools, There, just after WWII, he met my mother, a college student studying education. They fell in love and married. Their life was one of financial and health ups and downs; but they stuck it out. I witnessed one of the great love affairs of all time - between my mom and dad. I'm proud of my heritage, even more so of the devotion my parents demonstrated to each other; and the people in their lives. We moved quite a bit; but I always enjoyed the advanture of a new place. My parents were determined to help me achieve more than had an opportunity to achieve. They taught me the value of an education; but, mostly, how to think for myself. I became the product of a prep school education; and went on to a Jesuit college and later, graduate school. I've lived and traveled throughout the US and Canada; and some places around the world. I'm a romantic; so "There isn't a train I wouldn't take no matter where it's going!" is my theme. I have a "your and mine" marriage. I have a son, who is married with three wonderful grandchildren. My wife had three daughters of her own; and there are four grandchildren from her girls! We're too young to be grandparents! We live in a small town, have five acres, six dogs, two cats and twenty-five chickens! I work in financial services; but I'm an over the road saleman at heart. Life's ok!

Why I am a Mormon

While away for the first time at school at the age of thirteen, alone and afraid, I called upon Heavenly Father to comfort me. He did. I remember the time and the place. I recall it as I am writing this - 42 years ago. It was that warm feeling like you've been enveloped by a big hug. It changed me. The faith I had been born in painted him in a more fearsome light. Somehow, I couldn't buy that version of someone I knew was a friend and father. As I progressed through my youth to adulthood, sometimes I ignored what I later learned was the Holy Spirit. But, while most of my transgressions were typical of an imature youth, I committed a few that were over the top. I still hold some regret. But, I knew I needed to know Heavenly Father as I felt he was. I sought him in some different faiths; but somehow, there was a lack of depth - that sense that someone has more answers that seem to make sense. When I met and fell in love with my wife, I was not attending church. Our getting serious with the prospect of melding two families together was the catalyst for me investigating the Church. I went through the discussions. What I heard made sense; but, it was the members at the little branch I attend that convinced me of the truthfulness of the faith. The April General Conference in 2003, sold me. I liked the openness - I identified with the message. I was baptised. Since then, my path has had it's challenges. My employer of seven years shut down, I lost my mom and sister; there have been health issues and more. Sometimes I feel like I'm a modern version of Job. But, the unfaltering light has been my church membership. My callings have forced me to reach down and be more. I've had to jump off the fence and take a stand. I've been privy to a few miracles courtesy of the Priesthood. And the Book of Mormon has many truths you can't run from. And the Temple - well, its special. I found Him. You will too.

How I live my faith

In a small branch, like mine, there is always work to be done. We don't have a paid clergy - we're it. My first; and most important calling, was to become a Priesthood holder. Everything springs from that point. Right out of the gate, I was given the calling of Sunday School President. As a freshly minted member and Priesthood holder, from a Jesuit trained backgound, I was still getting some of the terminolgy mixed up - like communion for sacrament! My first talk before the entire branch - my legs were like rubber! But, you know, your friends in the branch are always encouraging, supportive and loving! You want to do well for them and for Heavenly Father. I'm active in my branch; and I've grown from calling to calling. Serving others? Well, it grounds me! Being a member means being involved. You get so much more out of it if you are. But, service to each other; and to Heavenly Father is what our faith is about. I'm not perfect; but, my membership influences me to strive a bit harder to be a better man, father, husband, employee, citizen. I'm active in my community. My neighbors know I'm a member. I hope I'm a good example of living the Gospel; but even more so, I hope that I continue to increase my faith and draw closer to the Father.