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Hi I'm Nate

I'm a Son, Brother, Loving Uncle, Friend, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I'm usually a pretty up beat guy. I like to be included and join in on the laughs, even start a few of my own. I snowboard, mountain bike, and dance. I'm a Typical Young Adult who has his flaws just like everyone else. Everyone has their trials and may mine be as difficult as yours? Probably and most likely not... But oh how they handicap me in a way to where I can get so overwhelmed. I try to keep myself high spirited and what seems to do the trick is food, movies, music, friends, and anything thrilling. Dancing seems to be my best remedy. A great comfort I cherish is prayer, always knowing my Father in Heaven is listening has blessed my life in countless ways. I give the worst analogies but I love to teach. I love to be creative, specially in graphic design, writing, and photography.

Why I am a Mormon

I have met several people, both stranger and friend, whom have told me that the reason why I am Mormon is cause of my parents. You see both my Mother and Father were baptized into the church. I, plus my 4 other siblings being their children, were raised under the beliefs and support of the church. I don't deny nor take away credit from both my Mother's nor Father's actions of which paved and gave me the tools to shape myself to be the Man I am today. Although I give my parents thanks and partial credit to who I am and why I'm a Mormon, I take full responsibility. I was on my mission, way past the day where I made the decision to think and act for myself, when I received a letter from a dear friend. In these letters of encouragement and faith promoting stories, one truth stuck out the most to me even to this day. "You can only live on Borrowed Light for so long." That day came not so soon after I found myself alone when my friends went off to college. I spent all of my high school years searching for my identity and who I was. I felt I lived three different and separate lives. The show I put on for my friends, the front I put on for church, and what was left of my confusion for home. During this time of being alone the simple teachings my parents taught us as little kids came to my mind, about prayer and scriptures. I had spent those four years wandering down unknown paths in search of an identity, but there was one that I never really honestly searched. Yes I went through the motions of "going to church" but I might as well have been in a coma. Present but not aware. With the goal to begin praying every day that took some time to accomplish which soon led to a daily scripture study I was guided to the truth. I have a loving, kind, merciful Heavenly Father, who gave me his son Jesus Christ accompanied with the Holy Ghost to show me who I truly was, and where I belonged. He gave me a home, a much bigger family, My fulfilling identity, and most importantly His Love.

How I live my faith

Although I know what I know, I still struggle just like everyone else. I can never fall asleep without saying my prayers. When I read my scriptures its not just a good read, its very real and it feels great to soak it in. I love missionary opportunities where I get to share my story and my beliefs with others. I get to relive the assuring comfort of the reality of Truth every time I do. But I wouldn't be completely honest if I didn't say I also do it to relive and feel like I did when I received the privilege of serving the Lord and the people of Buenos Aires, Argentina on my mission. I move around a lot so I don't get to benefit from a church calling too often but I love trying to set time apart to accompany the missionaries and help them out every way I can.

What is being a Mormon like?

We might share the same boat but I'm sure we take to the sailing of the sea differently. You see the Lord has given us certain and specific instructions on how to construct a ship. Its everyone's God given right to choose to follow or not. There are blessings for obedience and consequences for sins or disobedience to Gods commandments. Regardless, depending on location and time we all share a fair amount of color filled sunrises to dreary cold storms. I know there are thousands blessed by our Heavenly Fathers love, Mormon or of other faiths. I don't discredit or want to grade the love or joy one feels in their life. In that I'm sure we have shared the same feelings. But these are my feelings on regards what being a Mormon is like to me. One of my greatest treasures is the knowledge of who I am. Not just in society but in my Heavenly Fathers family. Which is quite big if you ask me. One might think that to just be but a candle's light is so insignificant and not much to boast about. But when combined with the millions of other candles it is quite fulfilling, that you are part of something much bigger. The Plan of Salvation is that treasure of knowledge that I hold and gives me so much joy and purpose in my life. But this blessing isn't shared by all faiths. I have yet to hear a description or definition of what God's plan is for his children more fulfilling than that found and taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. To me being a Mormon is knowing. Show more Show less