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Hi I'm Meg

I'm an engineer, writer, wife, mom, and gardener. My forebears were Mayflower Pilgrims, Pioneers and Chinese scholars. I'm Mormon.

About Me

I'm an engineer and program manager, an avid genealogist and family history researcher, and I love to garden. I'm getting older now, and all my kids are old enough to take care of themselves. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a dorm or something, because we're not mostly adults all taking care of each other and sharing our joys and hobbies. When I'm not working, I'm usually writing or gardening.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother and her family have been Mormon forever. Well, since the mid-1800s. My father's family embraced Christianity in mainland China, back when there were hardly any Christians, and they had to wait years before someone with authority came through to baptize them. It wasn't until my Dad was a refugee in Taiwan that he met Mormons and joined "the Church." Growing up, I knew little other than Mormonism. A non-Mormon neighbor down the street held a Bible-study group, and I remember accepting Jesus at one of the rallies she took us kids to. I'd always been taught to love Jesus, and thought nothing wrong in formally accepting Him as my Savior when the nice lady invited us to do so. As a teenager, I rebelled. The cultural differences in my home caused some strife, and I figured it was because of Mormonism. For weeks, months, I refused to read the Book of Mormon. But God persuaded me to keep attending the Church. Funny how God told me the Church was right, but I didn't embrace it fully until I had come to that conviction. I came to the full conviction that the Mormon Church is correct years ago. I love how the Mormon Church allows for all mankind to come to Christ through baptism, no matter when they lived or whether they knew about Christ in this life. Just as I didn't accept the Church just because God told me it was right, the proxy ordinances we perform for the deceased are not binding on them unless they accept it. God respects us, no matter what we choose.

How I live my faith

I love the Lord. I was born into a Mormon family, but went through a period of searching because of weird things I'd read about my Church. I never actually stopped attending church, but when asked, I'd say I didn't have a testimony of the Church. I poured out my heart to God, and He whispered comfort to my heart. I still had questions, but I recommitted to do my part at Church. I went on a mission to Italy, I served as a Relief Society President, I married in the temple. Then my husband read the book Mormon America with me. The book was written by jounalists who aren't Mormon. As I saw how they tried to explain Mormon faith that they didn't believe in, I realized that the God I had known, who had spoken to my heart and continually stood by my side, was the God that Joseph Smith preached, the God taught by the Mormon Church. I attend church regularly and provide service as I'm called on to do so. There are my official callings (music director, family history consultant, choir director, teacher, etc.). In addition I volunteer in various ways around the community and donate generously to charity. My family history research has taught me a lot about my ancestors and the early days of the Church. I believe I've found a coherent tale that explains all the facts of the early Church - the stuff folks don't usually talk about. Somewhat to my surprise, I've found that knowledge of that time makes me more impressed with Joseph Smith rather than less. He was a great man.