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Hi I'm Tim Caldwell

I am a Mormon. I have been happily married for almost 2 yrs. I love to hunt and fish and I am studying marine biology at BYU-HI

About Me

I married my wife about 2 yrs ago and I have loved every moment of time I get to spend with her. No matter what I am doing I always prefer to do it with her because she is my best friend. No kids yet but I look forward to fishing with my kids when that day comes! As I said earlier I love to fish and hunt this is what I grew up doing back in my home state of Georgia. Every moment I had I would be out on some pond fishing or out in the woods in the fall hunting. It is really my passion after my greatest passion being my family. One of my favorite things to do is to share these experiences with my family. I constantly try to get my wife out there with me when I fish and since moving to Hawaii with the pleasant weather I have gotten her to go with me but hunting is still a no go with her. I hope to ease her into it one day. Right now I am studying out at BYU Hawaii. I want to get into aquaculture so I am studying marine biology which is the closest thing I could study out here. I love the idea of being able to farm fish! I would get to do something that I love with the potential of making good money if I play my cards right.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because my God was there for me when I needed him most. I grew up in this church but as a young guy I really just relied on my parents for my testimony. I went to church and felt good but never really did any soul searching. Years went by and one day I came home from school to see a fire truck in front of my house. I rushed in to see what was going on and found out that my dad had just died while working out. I went downstairs to see him lying there and I realized that at that moment my dad was no longer there to get me to do anything. He was always the one kinda kicking me in the pants to get things done. Yet there I was with my father gone and me with a world of choices to make. I was 19 and foolish as many are at that age. I left home and lived with my brother for a time and in the end I lost all the money I had to go back home. When I came home I still had no idea who I was or what I should do in life. Feeling very lost I started to study other religions with hope that I would find another way of life that would bring me peace about my father's death and knowledge about what I needed to do to have happiness in life. I studied many religions and then I remembered how my parents had always taught me to get my own testimony. I decided to give it a try. In the mornings I started studying the scriptures and I began to pray more earnestly than I had before. I prayed to know if this church was God's church many times but I did not seem to get an answer. Then one day I read about a prophet who despite certain death for doing so testified about the wickedness of the king he stood before and his people. As I read I wanted a testimony like that. So I knelt down and poured out my heart. I did not hear a voice but what I did feel was peace, profound peace for the first time in my life. I felt a peaceful reassurance that all in the book of mormon, bible, and restore gospel was true. Up until that moment there was chaos but now profound peace.

How I live my faith

I live it everyday as best I can. I am not perfect by a long shot but I try to serve those around me as best I can. At church I get to teach Sunday school once a month. When I do this I try to prepare to teach as best I can but studying the topic to be discussed and then praying about it to know how to best teach the message. I really enjoy teaching it feels like a real service to those around me. I try to share my own experiences as much as I can not to boast or to show how hard I have had it in some ways but I do it in hopes that the story might touch someones heart and help them want to do whatever it is that God wants them to do. It is all worth while if the lessons I give touch even one soul. I am also a home teacher. Which means I am assigned to visit certain families in our congregation and we try to help them as much we can. I am not always the best at this but I do try. I know that when my father passed away our home teachers at the time were and continue to be an immense blessing to my family. In everyday life I try to be charitable as Christ is. I try to take the time to help lift others up I usually do this by trying to get others to laugh. I have always believed that if Christ is perfect then he must know the perfect joke so I have no doubt that he has a good laugh every now and then. One of the ways that I live my faith is by loving and serving my wife. I realize that she is the most precious blessing that I have in my life and I try to show my gratitude by making her life as great as it can be. I do this by cleaning and taking care of our car. I try to console her when she is worried(she worries quite a bit). I try to make her feel special and tell her that I love her more than I love anything which is entirely true. I have no idea what I would do without her now that I have found her. I try to make her laugh as much as possible and make every moment a memorable one. In short I live my faith through service one way or another.