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Hi I'm Brandon

I'm the oldest of ten kids I am studying to be an Illistrator and, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi i'm Brandon. I was born in logan Utah but lived the greater part of my life in a small town in Utah. It's in a small little vally and shares the shorse of the Utah Lake. Its here I learned some of my best and most valuable lessons. I learned what it ment to work hard. I made great friends and learned how important family really is. I was on the wrestling team in high school and created the art club. I love art. I can never remember a time when i did not have a pencil in hand. I made it a goal in high school that i would do what I love for a carer. so I went to college to study Ilistration. However I also made a promise to God that I would serve him to what ever end. so I put in for a mission for 2 years. So now i'm out serving the lord and preaching about him in Florida!

Why I am a Mormon

So In High School I was in perhaps one of my lonliest states of my life, this is when i decided to see if God trully is there. Now I have always been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but i never trully asked in all sencarity if God was there. I had always heard of the stories of all these people that have had amazing experiances in coming to know God and his greatness. Things like over coming addictions and getting through the death of a loved one. I thought that my little plea to know he was there coming in a time where I was in no immediate phisical danger and had suffered no deaths in the family, would go unasured and be left at that. Yet something compeled me to pray. I did pray, and i did so with all sincerity of my heart. Now I did not see the heavens open or see an angel standing on my bed ready to tell me God was there, but i did recive an ansawer and I am sure it came from God. I simply asked if God was there and if he loved me. The best way i can describe the feeling is something like a hug. I felt warm and secure. All else went away. This feeling i could not have made my self i knew it came from God. Thats how I came to know God is real. Now how i came to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the lords kingdom once again on the earth was after High School and i had gone to College. At this point I just said i belived becuse its what my parents belive. In College you can't entierly do that. you are interduced to all sorts of different ways of thinking and learning and different ways to belive. It was in this time I decided to chalange myself on reading the Book of Mormon, every day, even for just five minutes or so. I did this pretty well for the 1st semester. I was just getting into the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon, when i got the impression to pray about it and ask specificly if the book was true. I got my answer alot like I got My answer about God and I CAN NOT DENY it was From GOD. YES!

How I live my faith

Becouse of the witnesses i have had and that i know the truth and I have seen how it blesses our lives I have gone into the church full heartedly. I have prepaird my self and am now Serving a Full Time Mission in the JacksonVille Florida Mission. Teaching and preaching about how real God is that his son Jesus Christ has made it posable to return to him. Teaching how there where people here on the amarican contanant that knew of Christ and got to witness that Jesus trully is the Christ and our savior and redemer. I am here to declare that the lords athority has been restored, that the second comming is drawing closer and closer. That the Lord has shown us the way to follow him perfecty. that there is a true church that is the lord's and to cry repentace! I love the Lord my God! I love Jesus Christ, my eldest brother and his love for me that he suffered for someone like me. I know this Church is True, that the Book of Mormon is a second witness that Jesus IS the Christ. I know this to be true. I would invite all to do as i have to read the Book of Mormon and than PRAY about it. God will answer! he did for me. Because he has I follow all of his comandments the best that I can. And show him my devotion every way posable.