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Hi I'm Emma

I'm a storyteller, a health nut, an artist, a mommy, a planner, a wife, and a dreamer. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My life has been anything but consistent - thank goodness. I'm constantly compelled to pause every now and again to ask myself, "What's new?" As a family, we're pretty busy. When my husband was done with school, we moved from Utah to Washington, where we both did most of our growing up. There my husband began a Real Estate Investing Business, and it has been an interesting roller coaster of events (and non-events) that has kept us on our toes and kept our eyes looking heavenward for guidance. I've always enjoyed writing, and I find it to be such a release. I can let my mind wander, and be unreasonable, or strict, or different, and I can explore venues of actuality to which I do not yet have access. This world is so colorful and wonderful that I can't help but want to document it's beauty. I love to do yoga. It is SO easy to be connected with your spiritual side when you do yoga. It is wonderful. I have such a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father. I know he loves me so much, and I see it every day, in everything I do. Without my testimony, I would be a broken person. So much has happened to me in my short life. My father died when I was fifteen. I went through illness, recovery, depression, recovery, anorexia, recovery all in a matter of a few years, and I felt very low. But it was my testimony that brought me back up, and it is now stronger than it ever has been. I love Jesus Christ, and I will strive to strengthen my testimony of his reality EVERY DAY!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this Church, and was given upon my arrival into this world the godly gift of believing. Be that as it may, after I graduated high school and went out on my own, I realized the great importance of finding out, reading,and researching, to see if this gospel really was what it claimed to be - the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We call those who are interested in our church "investigators," and I took that title upon myself and I investigated my own church. Throughout my investigation, I asked friends of other faiths what their belief were, and how they felt about God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost. I asked them what it meant to be Christian. I went to some of their activities and I interviewed religious leaders of several different faiths. What I found interested me to a great degree. All of these religious people told me of things that I believed myself, things that were also taught in my church. There were also many things that did not coordinate with my beliefs. And I began to put together the pieces and realize that our church was not the only one with truth in it. There are many religious sanctions that have truth in them. What sets our church apart is that it has ALL the truth necessary to be called the one true church of God. These other religions were fragmented - and lacking. They asked questions to which I knew the answers "Who are we? Who is God? Why are we here on earth? What is heaven?" and when they did, I realized that I knew also that my Church was complete. I'm a Mormon not just because I was born into the faith. I'm a Mormon because I choose to be. I don't like confusion, and when I attend my church, I am never confused. I can ask of God, and I can know instantaneously that I am in the right place, spiritually. It is a beautiful thing. It is peace of mind, and it is lovely.

How I live my faith

We move a lot, and we're pretty busy people. However, we always have been more than willing to serve in our communities and in our church. Personally, I have had the opportunity to teach members about Christ, and to teach children, and even toddlers, about Christ. Whenever we are in a new area, I try to get myself in the way of things, and I tell people "Put me to use!" Christ has said that when we serve our fellow men, we are in the service of our God. Serving other people, teaching them the things that are right and true, is fulfilling and beautiful. I live my faith by staying positive. I try not to lose my temper. I also try to emulate the light of Christ (found within every human being, by the way) by smiling everywhere I go, and being polite with all those who cross my path. The law of reciprocity, or, the Golden Rule, is my motto, and so I try to be as gentle and loving with my family and with my neighbors as I possibly can.

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

There are no restrictions! Come on in! Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

When my father died, I experienced great emotional changes, and the details of those changes are not something I share with just anybody. It's not that I want to keep them secret from anyone, it's just that I don't want to share it with anyone that won't take it seriously, or won't really listen or care. So, I share it with individuals in whom I trust, and who will hold my experiences in confidence and grace. It's not that I don't want to share them, like I said. It's not some big secret - it's just sacred, and important, and ought to be imparted to the correct people. That's why only some Mormon's are allowed into temples. What goes on inside temples isn't a big secret. Anyone can know the ordinances that take place there, but they have to be in the right frame of mind. They have to be spiritually prepared and not just "curious." They have to meet requirements, such as living righteously, and keeping commandments. They have to earn the Lord's trust to enter His house. It's not that it's secret, like I said. It's just sacred, and important, and ought to be imparted to the correct people. Show more Show less