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Hi I'm Sophia

I'm a dental assistant. I'm a college graduate. I'm a friend. I'm a wife. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to draw and write, I am a creative cook and an interesting friend, and I love adventuring and admiring God's creation... I am a dental assistant and am so happy with all the interesting things I have learned in my field... I am a college graduate, but I am planning to go back to school soon for specific training in the Medical or Medical Office fields. I love learning!... I believe in keeping my friends around as long as possible, and being as much of an older, bossy sister-figure as possible! I am so grateful that they love me anyway. Friends are great gifts!... I love my family, in all it's complexity and ever-growing confusions. Life is fun when there are family get-togethers. I live away from a lot of my closer relatives now, so thinking back on old memories and creating new ones with friends is my pick-me-up now... I am not a mother, yet. I want to have children and test my patience and stamina. With life in general, beautiful moments are only so beautiful when effort is given to get there, or there are less-than-great times to compare it to. I want the even more beautiful moments (and, yes, the even more difficult ones) that children bring... I am married to my wonderful, cutely self-deprecating, caring husband. I never want our bond to be broken by time or distance... I love God. I appreciate His creativity, sense of humor, His gifts to me--too plentiful to mention, and his love that transcends what I deserve. Really, really transcends.

Why I am a Mormon

I did not know what a "Mormon" or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was until my mother decided to learn what her LDS friends and the LDS missionaries had to say about it. I was still quite young when my mother decided to join the LDS Church, but I was very grateful for her change of heart and our new lifestyle. I followed my mother's example and joined when she did, and began to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. As I was a child, I did not understand fully what was being taught, but I liked that I had a happier family and that I had an excuse to stay away from things I had seen cause the downfall of loved ones. Eventually, I had to make my own decision. Somehow I had always known in my heart that there was a loving God, but I explored various religions and lack-there-of's for years in my Junior High and High School years. I was blessed to come to a decision at a fairly young age, and began again following the teachings of the Church. Sometimes it is difficult to remember to have hope, or that I wanted to do such-and-such to help improve my happiness, but I know I can always pull through, even if it takes some reminding, time, and patience on God's part. I love learning and making sense out of the world, and knowing that there is always a hand reaching out for me when I fall down. I am not perfect, and I do not yet follow everything I am taught or have learned for myself, but I strive each day to be just a little better than the last, just a little. Jesus Christ is my light and hope, without knowing Him the world would be so much more confusing. Without knowing Him I would be so much in despair.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith everyday. I do not do things for other people; I do them for me. I like to try to incorporate my learning and beliefs into everything I do, because it makes me feel so much happier when I can remember I am loved by God and can love His other children, which just makes EVERYONE happy in the end :) Sometimes I volunteer my time in my area for clean-ups, park projects, and such. I am not currently a very frequent volunteer, but I am starting a new goal to pursue volunteer opportunities that both lend a hand, and help me learn new things. I am new within my church congregation, as I have just moved, but I am excited to learn new names and faces and needs. My favorite type of service is the anonymous, unexpected kind, so I like to get to know people and their needs so I can help them out, and this new-to-me congregation is a new challenge I am looking forward to. Most people within a congregation are given a responsibility, small or large, to help out with teaching, organizing activities, leading a group, etc., and so I am also looking forward to what I may be asked to do within my congregation. A new responsibility is always a new adventure. I like adventure.