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Hi I'm Brian

I'm 29. I'm from Arizona. I've been married seven years, and have three wonderful kids. I'm a rancher, a farmer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a fourth generation rancher and farmer, but things in my life have been far from traditional. Sure I round up cattle and fix fences like a cowboy should, but I do it with a ball cap and I never wear spurs. I haul hay all summer and chop corn in the fall, but I don't wear overalls. One thing that does stay the same no matter what generation you live in, you can't avoid the "tan". I love sports, and still play in our home town city leagues, but I wouldn't consider myself a jock. I just enjoy the games and the friends. About once a year I participate in town plays or choirs, and I love to play the guitar. That is my second best stress reliever, and my first is my family. I met the girl of my dreams in the spring of 2004, and that good looking cowgirl was crazy enough to say "yes"! Tiffany is my best friend and eternal companion, and she has brought into this world some of the cutest kids I've ever seen. Jaycee is now five and starting school. Landon is three, and the days that he can't come to work with me on the farm his world completely falls apart. And Kade just turned one. Everything in the house from waist down is fair game, and it's a constant race to stay ahead of that kid. My wife is truely amazing. We all work together, we play together, and at the end of each day we go to bed thankful for the many blessings that God has given us.

Why I am a Mormon

If you knew my history, and how those generations that got me into ranching and farming were also grounded themselves in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then more accurately you would ask, "Why am I still a Mormon?" Even though my ancestors from both sides of my family were "Mormon Pioneers", that only explains why I was raised a Mormon. Let me tell you why I am still a Mormon. Simply the reason is, is that it is true. Truth is truth no matter what anyone else says. The test is finding out for yourself what is true. How do we know truth? The world says you must find facts to test theories, and then when there is enough evidence in support, it is true. Who has the authority to decipher that? I'm not sure. According to man's dictates I guess it is whoever has the most schooling. What about God's truths? Spiritual laws like, "Thou shalt not lie." and "Thou shalt not kill."? How do we test these? It's not about facts and theories, its about how you feel inside when you either follow or don't follow God's commands. God gives us these feelings by the power of the Holy Ghost. These feelings tell you that killing is wrong and giving to the poor is right by the way you feel inside. God has told us that this is how we can know thruth. Truths like His actual, physical existance! That Christ was born in Bethlahem and that he lived and died, and that he lives again. That He is our Savior. We can know that He paid for our sins by pleading for forgiveness and then feeling our guilt and filthiness taken away and replaced with light and purity. God promises that if we lack wisdom that we can ask Him and he will give it freely. I have prayed in despair, and I have felt His love. I have begged for forgiveness, and through the blood of Christ I have been washed clean. I've read the Book of Mormon and asked God if it was true, and if He really did call Joseph Smith to be a prophet, and if this was His church, and God told me it is true! That's why I'm still a Mormon.

How I live my faith

So what now? I try to take each day and do the best I can to follow the truths I've found. Many times in the scriptures Christ asks us to follow Him, to do as He did. I'll be the first one to tell you that I fall way short of that, but the test is to see if I will try harder tomorrow. The amazing thing is, that as I strive to stay on that straight and narrow path, line upon line He gives me more truth and light. Just as long as I keep moving forward. As a member of His church He gives us responsibilities to help serve others and to keep the Church functioning smoothly. These callings change often and are not only for service to others, but also for our own growth and development. I've had many opprotunities to serve and in many different positions. I was called to serve a two year mission when I turned 19, i've been asked to teach gospel classes, and I've been asked to help lead different groups within the church like youth groups and groups for the younger married men. My wife and I just received new callings which I am very excited about, because we get to work side by side. We've been asked to be the Wolf and Bear Den Leaders for the Cub Scouts! Yes the church is a huge supporter of the scouting programe and sees it as an important tool in the development of the youth. I'm proud to say that I am an Eagle Scout myself. . .thanks to mom:) It taught me alot of important lessons in life. So in short, I try to live my life as a diciple of Christ should. I have trials and struggles and sometimes I don't do things right, but I know who I can ask for help and that He is always willing to lend a hand and forgive my hard headedness. I love my Savior, and know that He truely is my Lord and Redeemer, just as He is for all of us.