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Hi I'm Emma

I am the oldest of eight siblings, I'm a student, a sister, a daughter, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, I'm Emma. I am a college student, majoring in psychology. I come from a big family, with 8 little siblings. My family has done foster care for as long as I can remember and 7 of my siblings are adopted. Though it has been hard to grow to love the children that pass through our home, just to see many of them leave, some going back to very difficult environments, it has been a wonderful learning experience, and it has brought me and my family joy to be able to touch their lives. Due to my wonderful parents, I have had the opportunity to explore many activities. I love to create, dance, and read. As I have begun life on my own, I have discovered a new found love for cooking as well. I have done track and field, and play the piano. I like playing volleyball and I like to run on days when its a little chilly.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to good and honest parents, who were faithful members of the church. So, as you might imagine, I was from a young age taught about the church: what it stood for, and why it was important. And though I may not have had a dramatic conversion to the church, I assure you, I was converted. I remember the first time I felt the warm peace of the Spirit. I couldn't have been older than 6 or 7. I was sitting on my father's knee as he explained what this life is about. He talked about how we came to this Earth to get bodies and to be tested; how we came to be in families and how if we were good, we could be with our families forever. This sudden warmth filled my little body and the feeling of "this is true!!!" struck my heart. I remember I jumped off my dad's knee and wanted to do something good. I wanted to keep feeling that feeling as long as possible. Since that moment, I have had countless experiences, none too miraculous, but each precious to me, confirming that this church is true. In recent years, I have made a special effort to gain for myself a testimony each aspect of the gospel. Each time I read the words of God, pray to Him for guidance, and follow His teachings, I gain new knowledge and a greater assurance of the truthfulness of the word. I have found greater happiness, peace, and hope by following the doctrines of the Book of Mormon than in any other thing I have ever done. I know for myself that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. God came to Joseph Smith, made him a prophet, and commissioned him to restore his church on the Earth. Since that time, prophets have led the church under the direction and guidance of God. I have personally felt the amazing blessings that have come from that. Christ lives. He has guided my life in ways I can hardly express. This is His church. I know it with all my heart.

How I live my faith

Because this church and this religion is so important to me, I try, try being the key word, to make faith the center of all the things I do. I serve the ladies in my local church as a supervisor over visiting teaching. With this calling, I am able to meet individually with several ladies in the ward, and see how they, and the women they visit are doing. That way, we can make sure that all the women in the ward are taken care of and help those having difficult times. It has made me so happy to watch so many Christ-like women, working to lift each other up. Outside of church I try to serve in the community, and just generally look for ways to help the people I meet. Though I am a far cry from a social butterfly, I find that I am a lot happier when I am trying to serve others, as Christ did throughout His life. I believe that trying to emulate Him is the best way to live my faith.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

After the death of Christ, there were several factions of Christianity. Some of these groups interpreted portions of scripture differently and through the course of time and through the work of lazy interpreters and scribes, many of the plain and precious pieces of the Bible were distorted. Eventually, the various churches fell away from the truth and lost the true meaning of the gospel. This is called the Apostasy. For a long time, people searched for the whole truth, but could not find it. So many different churches claimed to be true, and had pieces of truth, it was hard for many to know what they should believe. This was the case for a young Joseph Smith, who went into the woods to pray about which church he should join. Due to his worthiness and pure desire, he was blessed with a vision and given the surprising answer that he should join none of them. He was commissioned by God to restore the fullness of the gospel to the Earth with all of it's original power and truth. Part of this restoration was a translation of another record of scripture testifying of Christ, one that had been written by the people of ancient America, and hidden away in a hillside. This book contained the fullness of the gospel, untarnished. This book became the Book of Mormon, and is the most correct book on the Earth. Show more Show less