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Hi I'm Teresa

After High School, I joined the NAVY, met my Husband, married, had kids, and then found what was missing. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Michigan. I was raised to be a well adjusted, mannered, polite, caring, person. I enjoy nature, reading, sewing, and other crafty things. I didn't go to church much growing up. I knew a few people who went to church and a few that didn't, so I felt normal enough not going. Church was for weddings and funerals in my mind. I joined the Navy after high school, been halfway around the world, and became a Veteran. I went to bootcamp in Orlando, FL, schools in Great Lakes, IL, and home ported in San Diego, CA. In process of all that, I met my future Husband, married and started our family. After four and a half years, I elected to leave the NAVY and focus on being a Mom. My Husband continued his NAVY career for another four and a half years. When he had a chance to go to an "A" School in Great Lakes, IL and then to a ship in Norfolk, VA, we moved to Alabama. I single parented our children until he came out of the service. By then our family had grown to include three children. About this time, my Husband's Depression started to become a problem and we started to get him help. We would later discover he also suffers from Bi-Polar. Since he could only keep a job for a year and a half to two years, I started working. This way the job changes were not as disruptful to everyone. I also earned a Child Development Certificate at Snead State Community College and started work on an Asssociates Degree in Child Development.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always felt that I was missing something. Something I couldn't touch or name, but I knew it was missing. I was restless in my church hearing the same old sermons. I wondered if all I was to hear of the gospel was the same handfull of stories. I wanted more than what appeared to be available. I stopped going to church and started looking for what was missing. A friend's daughter was to be baptised soon, so we visited her church. It was different, but still didn't feel right. At a Scout meeting another mom asked me about the church I had just visited. She wanted to know if they had a good youth group, something I was looking for also. I told her that they did, but that was all I really knew about the church. The Scout Leader overheard and later told me that her church had a really good youth group. We could visit her church if we wanted. I told her that we would think about it. A couple weeks later at my daughter's birthday party the Scout Leader asked if I had decided on a church. I said no. She told me that I should call the Missionaries to come out and talk with us. We could also go to Mormon.Org to find out information about the Church. I didn't do either. A week later, she called me and asked if it was okay that the Missionaries came over that evening. Her son was coming too, because he was going on his Mission Trip in a couple months and needed the practice talking to people. And, by the way they will be there in 15 minutes. I was stunned. I quickly cleaned up the house and waited for the inevitable. As soon as the Missionaries started to talk about their faith, I could feel the spirit growing, unfurling within my heart. I couldn't stop thinking about the Missionaries message. I couldn't wait to get the next lesson. I had finally found what was missing in my life. My family wasn't so quick to follow suit, however. After the lessons and going to the Church, my family was soon convinced also.

How I live my faith

Living my faith seemed hard at first. I thought I would be sacrificing a great deal of time or change who I was in order to fit in. But, I found out that I was already doing most of the right things and making the right choices. Making a few little changes in my life wasn't that hard, afterall. I enjoyed the talks and lessons on Sundays and tried to incorporate what I learned into my everyday life. This baby step was my foundation. I started praying also. My family and I went to the different activities and events that the church held. This was another step for me. I was used to feeling like an outsider, but everyone was so welcoming and genuine. I discovered that everyone struggled with some aspect of living in the faith. Knowing that no one is perfect and that I wasn't expected to be, gave me a confidence to try even harder to live in my faith more and more. I was called to help with the young women's group (ages 12 - 14 years old). "Wow, I'm just a convert, why would they want me to help?" I thought, "What do I have to offer that would benefit the girls?" I talked to the young womens leader and to my oldest daughter. They thought I had alot to offer, so I agreed to the calling. I was nervous at first, but in helping these young women learn how to live righteously, I was in effect helping myself learn the very things I needed to know to live in my faith. I read my Book of Morman and other Scriptures almost daily and try to have a family scripture reading nightly. I feel centered at night after discussing a scripture with my family. We are so busy through out the day and week that this 5 - 10 minutes becomes a must have in our lives. Sometimes that time is just a 5 minute scripture study. Sometimes it turns into much more. We may end up talking and laughing about a lesson learned that was all but forgotten until a particular scripture was read. I get so much out of hearing what everyone else got out of the verse.