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Hi I'm jeff

I am a chef and run my own small restaurant in Costa Rica. I rode a motorcycle to get here from Alaska. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Obviously I love to cook, it is my profession. I think that exploring new foods, culinary colors and textures are stimulating for the mind and body. Using modern gastronomy techniques coupled with exotic fruits and vegetables and wild meats could become a pastime. I also enjoy motorcycles and have some great adventures traveling all over North America including Alaska, Canada, Western US, Mexico, Guatamala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and finally Costa Rica. I met my wife of 7 years, after arriving to Costa Rica during a "semana santa". She was inactive and I was as well, a coinsidence? The Lord works in mysterious ways and we feel we were meant to meet. We were sealed this year in the Temple for time and all eternity just this year. Both of us have grown so much since we became active once again. Focus on the important things are a daily event, like reading the scriptures and family prayers. Now that I am in the bishopric and my wife is a couselor in the Relief Society we have no where else we would rather be. We are planning children and might someday return to Alaska for another adventure. Life is too short to be bored.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born "under the covenant". My family was very active during all my childhood. I planned on going on a mission ever since I could remember. I was never going to leave the church for any reason. After I returned from my Mission in Madrid, Spain I found that some of my family and friends had left the church. At first I felt I could make a difference and re-convert them all. That was in the beginning, but once I started college and bought a car I felt like those things, the things I had been teaching were somehow less important. It didn´t happen over night, but over a period of years I eventually left the church. Somehow I had lost my testimony and overlooked those special years I had when I knew what I was doing was right. I secretely longed for those years as a missionary. 20 years later I found my way back. I always knew in my heart the Church is true and that the real authority of Jesus Christ is administered by the hands of those worthy to hold the keys of the priestood and gospel ordinances. There is no other church that is complete in its practices and doctrine. Since the scriptures plainly state that there is but one church, one God and one babtism I think there is no wiser choice. Being away for so long from being active was the most difficult time of my life. If man is truely to have joy, then being connected to the saving ordinances of the gospel and living the commandments is the true path to happiness.

How I live my faith

I live my faith every minute, every hour and every day of the week. Having a strong marriage, a happy marriage depends on being a good listener and knowing when it is time to speak. I am one of the counselors to the bishop in my "ward" or church. It is a priestood calling and I am grateful to have such responsibility. I work closely with the youth, a fine group of young men and women and help them organize weekly events. I also visit some of the elderly in our area whom are members and can´t make it to the meetings due to illnesses. Sometimes I take the young men with me to administer the sacrament so they can partake in that sacred ordinance. The most important calling for me is that of my family, and being a good husband and hopefully a good father when the time comes. Daily prayers, morning, mid day and night help keep me in the spirit of every day living.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

I am amazed at the great gift Jesus Christ offers to all humankind should we repent and take upon ourselves his Holy name. He died not at the hands of those that murdered him, but instead he surrendered his life so we could live life eternal with our Heavenly Father. He paid the ultimate price so we could be clean at the final hour when all our deeds will be judged before the throne of God, should we be faithful to his commandments. The bible says that no man shall enter the kingdom of Heaven except by him. The Book of Mormon also testifies of Jesus Christ and his atonement and it is my testimony that He lives and will return soon, for these are the latter days and the final hour is so very close! Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

My life has never been dull, but with the gospel of Jesus Christ in my daily life I am complete and happier than ever. Being a Mormon is truely the best part of my life and has made me a better man, husband, father and son. I only wish to share my gratitude with all those that will hear my plea to commit to finding the truth about the one and only true church of Jesus Christ! Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

It is no mistake that the ONLY church in the world is named after his name...The Church of Jesus Christ. There should be no question that "Mormons" are indeed Christians! I know of no other church that understands and teaches a more complete understanding of the gospel and his teachings. Show more Show less