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Hi I'm Garrett!

I have 4 older brothers. I love running! I love animals! And I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I come from a wonderful family of 5 boys! I'm the youngest of the bunch. Being the youngest certainly has its perks! My older brothers are my heroes, and they've cleared a sure path for me and taught me how to live my life. I grew up in rural Arizona, and have been lucky enough to meet some great people there! I wish I could somehow thank and show appreciation to every person who has influenced my life, but the list is huge! I am a boy of few talents! I was never the best athlete, or the top student, but I enjoy doing a lot of things. To name a few - I like fishing, jogging, bicycling, drawing, writing, and singing! But I'm not too great at any of them! (I also like to play video games with my brothers, when I can!) I've been blessed to have the family that I do! Growing up, I can remember one of my brothers enjoyed running around the house with a squirt gun, calling himself the "contention patrol"! He would squirt whoever he thought was guilty of being contentious. :) And I was fortunate enough to have 2 of the most kind and loving people on earth as my parents! My Father is one of the most hard working people I know, and has put the well being of his family before himself his whole life. My Mother has always made sure I have everything I need! From a bag of snacks for the road, to a delicious meal waiting at home - my Mother cares very much for her children, and has proved it time and time again. I have red hair and am very short, but would love to be taller!

Why I am a Mormon

I eat food so that I may live, and have energy, and feel good! I am a Mormon so that my belly may be full with joy, love, peace, and truth! I do not like feeling guilt, darkness, and emptiness inside. I have not always had a sure knowledge of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. I have not always had a testimony of the Plan of Happiness. But now I find so much joy in knowing that through Jesus Christ I may live in the life hereafter with my family! I find so much joy in helping those who need my help, because I would love for them to do the same for me! I find so much joy in the simple things in life - because my purpose here is simple. To follow the example of Jesus, and become something more than I am. Being a Mormon is what I want to be, and what makes me happy! There are so many good people in this world that deserve to know that there is a God, and he loves us so much. So much that he gave us his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. We all deserve to know the joy that comes with this knowledge! And through Jesus Christ and his Atonement we can have our burdens lightened - we can find true happiness and peace. Jesus Christ has mended my battered and bruised soul many times. Everyone deserves to feel this in their life. I love knowing this, and I wish for everyone to know it.

How I live my faith

A man who catches fish for a living would be in trouble if the world ran out of fish! I would be in trouble if I ran out of the countless blessings and tools my Father in Heaven has given me to live my faith! These tools and blessings come in many shapes and sizes! But namely - they are the wonderful people that I am so lucky to call friends and family. I am spoiled! Without them I would be a terrible mess! And Heavenly Father has given me even more. The Book of Mormon has turned the darkest hours of my life into the most brilliant of days! The ability to pray to my Father in Heaven has given me comfort and peace when I most need it. The companionship of the Holy Spirit has helped me refrain from making decisions I would later regret. There are many, MANY ways Father in Heaven has blessed me, but the most wonderful and magnificent of them all is the gift of his loving son, Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ I can have the desire, motivation, and drive to do what is right, and to live my Faith. The blood of the Son of God was shed. For ME! And everyone - so that we, his lost sheep, can find our way home. I live my Faith by following the teachings of Jesus Christ, so that I may find joy with those I love in this life, and the life hereafter, as well as bring that same joy to others, because we are all on the same team, and want to find joy, peace, and love.