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Hi I'm Michael

I'm a computer geek. I hope to be an author. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the church. I was baptized when I was 8 and got the priesthood when I was 12. And just because I'm a Mormon doesn't mean that my life is nothing but the church. I have friends outside the church and I hope that I am able to be a good example for all of them. A few years ago, I learned that I have a great talent. I love to write. I started a book a few years back and have recently finished it a few months ago. By being able to have the talent of writing, I have been able to understand the scriptures and the gospel messages better. I use a lot of descriptive language and big words when I write, so by using those, I widen my vocabulary, and by doing that, I can understand the scriputres more, and the messages the prophet and our apostles give us. Trust me, they use some very good diction. I shared some of my writing with my friends and they say that I have a gift. I hope to be able to use that gift in the near future to distant furture to help bring people into the gospel, along with doing what I enjoy. On another note, I love this church. I have good, warm feelings whenever I am in it, and I love reading the Book of Mormon. I really hope that by my setting a good example to all of those around me, I can bring as many people as possible to the gospel.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because, first of all, I was raised in the church. I was born in it. But that's not the only reason. I am a Mormon because I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Not in any other church. I cannot imagine a life without the gospel in my life. I'd be lost without it. Whenever I go to church on Sunday's or each week for our youth group, I always have this great feeling of security. I feel like everyone around me cares about me, and I care about them too. No one is perfect, but I know that as I live the gospel of Jesus Christ, I am becoming more like him every day of my life. And I pray everyday that I can live the best life I can that day, set the best example that I can so that all those around me can see my good example and that hopefully they will follow. I know that all of the things that the prophets have told us and everything that they will tell us are true. I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, and anyone that says different might want to look into it first, because it takes more than a third grader's education to make all of that stuff up. All in all, I'm a Mormon because that is the person that I want to be.

How I live my faith

As I participate in my religion, being a Mormon, I am responsible for making sure everyone is happy in the ward, the group of people that meet together in our church building. If there is a problem or issue either between people or just a family issue, as part of the priesthood, I am in charge of either correcting the matter or handing it over to a person with higher authority. Also, I participate in a lot of youth activities. They are so much fun. We play dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, and during the summer kickball. I am on the council that organizes and presents ideas for these kind of activities, so I ask the other youth what they want to do and then I present the ideas to the council and we decide on it. Being a youth in the church, I participate a lot in service projects also. Mostly the youth are in charge of doing the service projects, either because of Boy Scouts, or just because we care and want to do it. I enjoy service projects a lot because not only am I helping people, but I'm also spreading the gospel at the same time.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Not only is family important to Mormons, but it should be important to everyone. Family is such a big thing in everyone's lives. Family are the people you can trust with anything. Family are the people that you go to and they'll always be there for you. Family is important to Mormons because we help each other out, we give each other a sense of belonging, love, kindness, we teach each other in our families, and also learn from each other. Being a part of a family gives people strength and an immense amount of happiness. Mormons also believe that the family is the biggest, most important part of God's plan for all of his children. Without families, the plan would be very hard to carry out. Also, without families, how would children be brought into this world, into a structured home where they will be loved and nourished? This is one of the key parts to God's plan of happiness. Show more Show less