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Hi I'm Liz

I believe in family. I believe that a joyful noise needs only be pleasing to the soul and not always to the ears and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I hail from American Samoa by way of Southern California. I come from a large Samoan family and was raised by my Grandparents for half of my life and by my Parents and loving Aunties and Uncles the second half of my life. In my family, I learned the importance of service, honor and integrity. My Grandmother taught me to think for myself and not be swayed by what others may think of me. She taught me to be true to myself, honor my family and be faithful to my God. These are some of the beliefs that my Husband and I share and are teaching our 3 year old. Being a Mother and having a family of my own was a dream of mine as far back as I could remember. I have always wanted to be a part of something greater than myself; something that could change the world. In my family I have that opportunity. I love that I can do or be anything. To my son, I am a princess in need of rescue or a chef (I don't mean to brag but I make the best box of Mac & Cheese). To him, I have magical kisses that fight off any hurt or scrape and he thinks I have a beautiful voice (I might need to have his hearing checked). I find that his love gives me the courage to sing for him without any accompaniment or auto tune. I believe life is what you make it. I've learned that hard work and honest dealings make an easy conscience and I've learned that the things that we work the hardest for become our treasure and our blessings. For me, that is my family.

Why I am a Mormon

My life before becoming Mormon was restless. I felt as if I was wondering through it in a haze. I was doing all the things that I was supposed to do but some how I still felt unfulfilled. It wasn't until I was in College that I would learn about Mormons and their faith and come to realize that my greatest desire would be fulfilled when I was issued a simple challenge to pray and ask Heavenly Father if the things that I was learning from the Missionaries and about the Book of Mormon were true. When I knelt down in my room and prayed to know whether these things were true or not I didn’t know what to expect. I had never before prayed to know if what I was learning was correct or ever thought to pray and ask about it either but as I uttered my simple request in my dimly lit room I felt a confirmation within my heart and peace in my soul almost immediately. For me, I just knew that I knew. Although my family had a hard time with me joining the church ( They didn't speak to me for almost 2 years) over a period of time they began to see how happy it has made me and I think that it has eased their worry and softened their hearts. Choosing to follow my Savior and becoming a member of the church was no easy task but I followed the saying of "It might not be easy but it will be worth it" I can gladly say that there were no truer words. I love my family and I love Jesus Christ and I have never regretted the decision that I made to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

Until the birth of my son, I had worked at a school district for a number of years as a Para Professional for children who have special needs. I loved working with special needs children, youth and adults. Also, coaching Unified sports has given me a great amount of joy. I feel that cheering for all of the athletes is the best way to show true sportsmanship. I also love working with the Deaf and Hard of hearing. I have been able to participate in the Deaf Olympics and found that love is a common language in any culture and even though the venue is still small I find that it is cozy and I love to see the faces of the beaming athletes as well as the proud parents. I have great respect for the Elderly and love to volunteer my time in nursing homes. I find that spending time with those who have more life experience helps to keep me motivated and better equipped to move forward with great enthusiasm for the future also they have the best jokes, if you don't believe me go find out for yourself ;] In Church I have taught Sunday School classes in primary for 10/11 year old girls as well as a class of 8 yr olds, it was a hoot and I enjoyed every minute of it. I now serve as a Secretary in our Relief Society. I love being able to serve and teach about the love of our Savior as well as Heavenly Father and teaching the kids to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Serving others is how I strengthen my testimony, show my love and live my faith.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

All I can think to say is what the Missionaries said to me whe I asked them the same question. * Sincerely pray and ask Heavenly Father if what you are learning is true. * Keep reading and studying. Give thoughtful consideration about what you are learning. * Listen with your heart for the sweet feelings of inspiration from the Holy Ghost. * Follow God's commandments so that you can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less