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Hi I'm Mary Anderson

I'm a Mormon. I grew up being taught the gospel and on that journey have discovered some wonderful knowledge and understanding.

About Me

I am a mother of 3 wonderful children. A son and two daughters. I have had a full life thus far and now enjoy being a grandmother. My life has taken me up and down. The experience that changed my life, happened in 1984. I know that seems like a long time ago but it was an experience that effects who I am today. We had been married for almost 2 years, we had our first child a son. We had just moved to a new town, life was promising. Then in January of 1984, our life took a dramatic turn. We were hit by a drunk driver. We lost our son that day. This shook the very core of who I was and what I believed. I began to search. I learned to pray deeper. I read with intent to find the peace that I longed for. Sometimes, I must say that I wasn't too patient. In time we were blessed with two beautiful daughters and A LOT of growing. Now 27 years later this experience has brought me to understand how to lean on My Faith, My Father in Heaven, A testimony with answers. Most of all it brought me to peace. I have learned how to forgive, I have learned how to love my fellow man and to understand that my Savior Jesus Christ and his church is where I recieve the strength I need.

Why I am a Mormon

I have come to know that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ here upon the earth today. When we had our accident,(see above) I was angry, I felt betrayed and hopeless. I had been taught that prayer and reading the scriptures would help me find answers. In my anger, I didn't want to read or pray. One day, I was tired of feeling hopeless. The desire to pray was very strong. I knelt, spoke from my heart,then I listened.It was as though someone spoke to me and said "turn to the book of Ether." This is found in the Book of Mormon beginning on page 487. It is a must read. It is a story of faith. As I read, it was as though the Lord was speaking to me. It tells of a people who needed to cross an ocean to get to the promised. They had no vessel, they were directed to build barges, the barges had no light or air. They asked and recieved a source of light , they couldn't steer the barges and had to rely on faith to get them to promised land. This was exactly how I felt! I had no light, my vessel was not strong and I wasn't steering well at all. As I thought about the message in this story, I came to a line that forever changed me. On page 491, verse 24-25. This was the promise that I needed. He hadn't left me, he had been carrying me. In my pain and grief I couldn't see it. On this day I could. I needed to act on what I felt that day. There are so many times I have asked and recieved that peaceful reassurance. I am not alone, Life will give me experiences, I know God has a purpose for me. I think and pray about questions, everytime they are answered ( sometimes it takes awhile, but I don't stop). I turn to my Father in Heaven, and my Savior Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost teaches me daily that the path I am on IS the plan that my Savior has given for me. This is why I am Mormon, this IS the Church of Jesus Christ. I know it, I have asked. I will contnue on this journey, sometimes it gets hard, but I won't quit!

How I live my faith

I work hard everyday to build upon what I know. I teach an early morning class called Seminary. It is for youth ages 14-18. We meet at 6:00 a.m. It is the greatest way to start my day! The kids come everyday!! I study nightly to prepare, we are studying the Old Testament this year and it is fantastic. I also make a choice to read in the Book of Mormon daily. In Sunday School we are studying the New Testament. I read this Sunday afternoons. My children are grown and for the most part on there own so I now have more free time to do this much learning. I attend a computer class during the day,to help to build some job skills. This is from 8-4 mon-Thurs. I love learning!!! I do speak of God and love to hear others share their feelings. It makes for a great conversation. Smiling at others is very much a part of my day, being kind, opening a door, saying hello to someone I don't know. This is something that I think we often forget to do. I like letting others know that there a source of peace and comfort that the world cannot give. If you are looking I will offer.