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Hi I'm Bob Worsley

I started SkyMall then a mining and renewable energy company. I'm an Arizona State Senator, an entrepreneur and a Mormon.

About Me

I became a CPA with Price Waterhouse after graduating from BYU. I grew unsettled with auditing and yearned to be an entrepreneur which eventually led to founding SkyMall, the inflight shopping catalog when I was 33. It was a wonderful 13 years during which I was awarded the 1999 Retail Entrepreneur of the Year in Arizona. I enjoy starting businesses. I love the mountains. I enjoy fishing. More than anything we enjoy driving about 2 hours to our family retreat in the mountains where all of us can have fun together. We created a family ranch and lodge in the late 1990's and have built tremendous family memories there. Recently we lost a grandson and created a family cemetery at our ranch. We feel strongly that this is a place of refuge from the world. My wife and I have been married over 36 years (since 1977) and have been blessed with 5 daughters and one son. Our children are all married now and we have 20 grandchildren. My favorite thing to do is to get away with my wife to places like Woodstock, VT, Sedona, AZ, or Baniff, BC. We love our time together including at least one weekly date to keep the fire burning. I love her more than I can possibly express. She is all about making our home, yard, and ranch beautiful. She loves and fosters beauty in everything around us.

Why I am a Mormon

1. We enjoy the benefits of living "in-bounds" in the game of life. We have enjoyed the full benefits of raising our children in a strong religious home. We have the safety promised by God for those that keep His commandments. We have all avoided the consequences of drinking, drugs, smoking, promiscuity, pornography and most of the other tempting vices from the world. The result has been a healthy and robust attitude about health, good recreational activities and monogamous bliss inside the bounds of marriage fidelity. We enjoy trust between family members as a result of not having secret lives we hide from each other or from the law. 2. We enjoy our belief that God continues to love and communicate with the human family and that He knows and loves each one of His children. We can't imagine living without realtime connections with our Maker and Father. 3. We believe that God provides a way for everyone to return to live with Him... regardless of when or where they were born. Everyone receives the full love of God. There are unique practices within our faith that are the result of this core belief... such as temple work and genealogy. God is fair and loves all His children. 4. We believe that we are here on Earth for a reason. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. God has given us a great gift to make life's choices. Those that use that personal freedom to chose God's path will be richly blessed.

How I live my faith

I have been a scoutmaster for a troop of 36 boys and 3 patrols. Most of the boys received the coveted Eagle Scout award. All of the boys have become great men. I served for almost a decade as a leader over a 150 Hispanic member LDS branch in Mesa, AZ. I learned to speak Spanish fluently when I served a 2 year mission in Uruguay and Paraguay in South America in the mid 1970's. I grew to love and appreciate the cultures south of the border. I have been honored to serve with great men and women from Peru, Mexico, Argentina and other Latin American countries. We are all God's children. We are all immigrants to this great country. My wife has served with young women 12-18 years old for most of our lay ministry. She is a natural attractor for most people especially young adults. She has been working this past year to create Consolari a concert hall and supporting facilities on a performing arts campus like a Lincoln Center West for Arizona. Our service has led us to see all races of mankind with equality, kindness and love. I am not sure how this would have occurred otherwise. I am grateful for my opportunity to serve and thereby increase my faith in God and the goodness of my fellowmen.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Bob Worsley
We can stop or slow the influence of pornography by educating young people on its negative influence on their personal lives. Much like warnings on packs of cigarettes we now can articulate the chemically addictive impact on the brain in addition to unhealthy ramifications on spousal relationships in the future. Pornography habits are not very different from other harmful addictions. Science can now prove that the same areas of the brain are bathed in the same chemicals regardless of addiction. This means that if we allow ourselves to get involved with pornography our ability to make choices can be impaired by bodily functions that we did not understand in the past. Recent studies in Europe also show negative interpersonal ramifications with spouses later in life that are impacted by the fantasy sexual encounters from years of consuming pornography. Show more Show less