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Hi I'm Alexis

I'm a nursing student, 5'3", MG, Peruvian, singer... and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I bleed blue. I am a die-hard BYU fan and am proud to call myself a Cougar! I am currently studying nursing and working towards my BSN. I am one short year away from taking the NCLEX and becoming an RN… it seems so surreal. I think the hardest part of being in nursing school has been my own mind. It’s easy to compare yourself to others when you are surrounded by many great people, and that is something that I’ve had to work on for a long time. Love the person that you are. Outside of nursing, I am involved in a lot! Singing is my life and I have continued singing in college. Sure, this means that I'm devoting an extra ten+ hours a week to something others aren't having to worry about on top of my homework; however, it's worth it. I also love doing a volunteering throughout my week and watching movies in my free time. I’ve found that if I put my faith in Christ, all things are possible. Things always work out in the end. I love my family and I can't imagine life without them! I also love having fun! Dancing and partying every weekend is a priority and stress reliever for me. Even though I may be a Mormon, there's no rule that says we can't have fun! You don't have to smoke or drink in order to have fun; all you need is a smile! I have a wonderful man in my life who is on a church mission for the LDS church. It has been hard, but with the help of my Savior through prayer and scripture study, I have found peace. Life is good, love is great, God is all!

Why I am a Mormon

When I was sixteen, something very traumatic happened to me and my world seemed to be falling apart. I was constantly sad and I did not know how I could ever feel whole again or if I'd ever experience happiness. You see, I grew up being a Mormon; however, at this point in my life I had been relying on the testimonies and beliefs of those around me. It was at this time that I had the desire to change. I longed to feel happy and feel those good "warm fuzzies" again, yet I wasn't sure how I could ever be able to do so. And so I decided to try what I had been taught as a child and chose to turn to the Lord. Little did I know what would happen as a result of this. I began praying fervently and reading out of my scriptures in hope that I could receive peace as so many others had told me they experienced when they did so; however, I did not receive that peace instantly. Months passed, and even years went by and I continued doing these motions hoping that the answers would just come to me and that that "wave of peace" would just wash over me and that I would instantly feel good. Then one day, after listening to our church's conference, I had the feeling that I needed to change what I was asking and that I needed to plead and fully ask of God, explaining what things I desired most. And so I went home and I did so. When I began my prayer, I changed how I was asking and almost instantly, my eyes were full of tears. I felt my Savior's love for me, something that I had not felt and had forgotten after years. I knew that he loved and cared for me that instant. Why I am Mormon is purely because I could never deny the truthfulness of Christ. I know that He loves me, and I know that this gospel is the only fully fulfilling doctrine out there. Trust me, I spent years searching and only when I went willingly to Christ did I feel joy. He is there to lift your burdens and He is here to heal our wounds- no matter how deep they are. I am Mormon because I am whole today.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being happy everyday, serving those in need and always just trying to be a better person. Having gone through many trials, I understand what people go through and I try to reach out to them, regardless of their faith. I live my faith primarily through music! I love to sing praises to my Savior and share my testimony with those all around. I live my faith by going around campus, dressing modestly and smiling and being friendly to others. Although these things may sound small, it's been amazing how many people have come to me telling me how different I am- and I respond that I am different because I have nothing to fear or worry about because I know that God has a plan for me. I also live my faith through nursing. I believe that as a nurse, I am able to work as the Savior's hands. As I strive to do this, I serve God's children. By living my faith at college, a place where many choose to fill their lives with uncertainty, I have filled my life with the love of Christ.

Who are the Mormons?

We are normal people just like everyone else! We are nurses, hair dressers, business men, and parents. We believe in Christ and we believe in God. We read the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon because they fit hand in hand with one another! As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (that is our real name), I can say that we are just regular people finding our way in this life just like you... we have just chosen to follow the Savior and his will in that we follow the commandments and other various things that you've probably heard, like not drinking, being monogamous and so forth. But why? Well, because we truly feel happy when we do these things and do what our Heavenly Father, God, wants us to. In society, being "Mormon" may seem obscure because our standards do not line up with the standards and choices that most people choose to make, but that's just because we've decided that in order to be happy, we must follow the Lord's path. And His path is straight and narrow, and so it requires a lot of effort, but I promise you that it provides so much happiness. I have witnessed this happiness in my own life and I know that this religion's guidelines and teachings can bring this happiness to all who seek it. So that's what we are, normal people just striving to be Christ-like and serve others, filling our lives with happiness. Show more Show less