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Hi I'm Jordan

I'm absentminded sometimes.I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ I'm studying psych, philosophy and ancient hebrew.I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I Served a mission in the great Michigan Detroit Mission. I was born in Salt lake city Utah but raised out in Portland Oregon I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I love to hang out with friends and talk with people and understand the world more and am overall sociable, which is funny because I look like the nerd type that would want to keep to myself. I love The Lord and his infinite love and wisdom; the more I live, I learn I have false notions and have need to change, which has been my constant struggle to fully understand what the truth is in life. I love to read and learn more about life. I love asking people questions to get a greater understanding of the truth. I love to help people overcome their problems and be free of the bondage that the devil tries to place upon people. I grew up in the church but I wasn't getting as much out of it as I should have, I was trying to get the best of two worlds which caused me to be not fully there in church causing me to miss out on the plain and precious things. I was aimlessly drifting through a sea of indecision trying to catch hold of the Saviors hand while swimming away at the same time towards something else. Until finally I gave up and relinquished my own personal wants and desires yielded to the enticings of the Holy Ghost. That has been the greatest decision of my life! Although I may develop tendencies towards my own desires I strive to yield to the Savior because he knows what I want better than I do and I can trust him.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it is simply the best possible way to live life! An all knowing being is at the head of this church and leads and guides president Monson (the current prophet). I know that Christ lives and loves me and knows who I am, he wants me to be the best possible person I can be and encourages and motivates me through many different ways (A loving mother and father and siblings, a very special friend, thoughts and images etc) He knows me better then I or anybody else knows me and wants what's best for me; even if it's to go through some hard times, he won't pamper me and stifle my growth, but he won't overload me ether :) Plus the hard times help me understand why people don't choose the right so that I can more fully help them choose the right and have a better life. While I was growing up I was usually clueless as to how to act and thus became the "odd one out" and was picked on and made fun of. The Devil took advantage of this and whispered lies to my soul that were so cunning and believable that I listened and acted upon the lies believing they were the solution to my problems, the more I listened and acted upon the devils lies the more power the devil gained over my soul. I kept thinking that I was strong enough to beat the devil that the almighty "ME" was stronger than my "meager" problems and that I didn't really need help to overcome the devil (Which of course was a very subtle lie from the devil so that he could retain his power over me) Through the grace of god I was finally brought to the knowledge of the necessity to accept the saviors hand into my life to help me overcome my problems. I am a Mormon because this is the true church of Jesus Christ the same as in the time of Christ and the same anciently, all of which were restored after states of a falling away from the truth. By following Jesus Christ is the only way to obtain true lasting joy and happiness in this life. This church is his. I know that because of the Book of Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith on a daily basis, How I act is determined on how I believe Christ would want me to act, if somebody is rude to me I try and think how Christ would act if he were me in my particular situation and I ask him for guidance and I know that he has and does and continues to answer me. I do struggle tremendously in constantly trying to exert my agency to do what's right instead of what is pleasing unto man (or what I want). I live my faith by reading the word of God (especially the Book of Mormon) so that I can have a correct understanding of the truth and act upon that truth and am found faithful before God at the end of each day so that I can be a more effective servant of the lord tomorrow. Every day I see my weakness but I call upon my savior Jesus Christ and I know his grace is sufficient for all men (Ether 12:27) I also go to church every Sunday and live the principles taught there. I think the biggest way I live my faith is participating in callings extended unto me from the lord through his priesthood representatives (bishops, mission presidents (currently my priesthood representative) stake presidents etc.) my current calling is a missionary for the church, which I will be released from in may 2012 at which point I will go home and be extended a new calling from my bishop. Lastly I live my faith by being nice to everybody and listening and showing I care about them especially when they are going through hard times, although it might not seem like it at times (that I might judge a person or critique a person). I care greatly about each of Gods children greatly and strive to be able to look at every one of them just like Christ does. It is sometimes hard but it is overall worth it to care about each and every person as we are all precious sons and daughters of God.