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Hi I'm Zach Schofield

I'm studying Environmental Studies and International Studies, I love Jazz, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

It's tough to describe myself in 1500 characters or less, but I think how I spend my time is the best indicator or what kind of person I am. I'm an avid runner; I ran track in junior high, Cross country and Track in High school and now that I'm in college I've tried to graduate to the longer distances. I ran the Farmington Half Marathon in July. In September I ran the Top of Utah Marathon in 3:07 and I'll be running the Boston Marathon in April. There's something about running that clears the mind, fine tunes the body fulfills the spirit. I can't quite explain it, but if I'm having a bad day its usually because I've either not read my scriptures or haven't gone running. I also love to learn. I'm a Freshman in college and I feel like kid in a candy store. I've been going to lectures, attending classes, joining clubs, reading books, reading the news, basically anything they have to offer on campus. I'm most interested in Environmental policy, and more specifically energy policy. I spend time reading books on the adverse affects of oil, the benefits of Nuclear power, the necessity of efficiency measures etc. I pick out articles in the Economist and New York Times that have mention of Green anything in them, and perk my ears when NPR airs a report on the latest breakthrough in alternative energy innovation. Well I'm just about out of space, but apart from the gospel of Jesus Christ, these two things are the two things I spend most of my time doing; running and studying.

Why I am a Mormon

i always grew up going to a Mormon church on Sundays, Family Home Evening on Mondays, and Scriptures study and family prayer every day. And I guess you could say I went to church solely because my parents made it my habit. During the summer after turning twelve my bishop in my ward challenged all the youth in the ward to read the Book of Mormon in the same time it took Joseph Smith to translate it; 3 months. I took the challenge, which required me to read about seven pages every day. At the end of the summer, having accomplished the goal, I looked back over the summer and realized that not only did I know the Book of Mormon to be everything it claimed to be, but that those three months had been the happiest I had been up to that point in my life. And that is the theme that has kept me going to church even now that I'm in college with parents to make sure I go to church. I go to church, I read the Book of Mormon, I pray, keep the standards and go to the temple because all of these things make me really happy. It's a happiness that stays even when an individual day might be a little rough; a happiness that is just so warm when I fall asleep. My testimony of the gospel and all it's various parts is strong, and the most powerful reinforcement to this is the fact that I'm happy when I live the gospel. I've had questions about the gospel and history that have made me question the truthfulness of the gospel. Yes I've answered most of them to my conscience, but I'll be honest there are some things that still don't make sense to me. But the reason why these questions seem so small, why I can still say that I know the Church of Jesus Christ is the church of the living God is because I can't deny the happiness I feel. That's the bottom line. I feel happy.

How I live my faith

As I've thought about how I live the gospel, I've categorized my actions into two categories: things that are events and things that aren't. Under the heading of things that are events such as going to church, studying the scriptures, prayer, attending the temple, and serving others. All of these things are really important individually. Scripture study allows me to really become close to God, and helps me to feel better on a daily basis. Prayer is similar in that it allows me to communicate with God and helps me to live a better day. Church attendance allows me to take the sacrament. This renews my baptismal covenants so I can feel forgiven. Temple attendance is special because it is centered around serving those who have already died. It's hard to communicate the spirit I feel when I do these things, but long story short there are things that I must do in order to feel closer to the savior and be the person i want to be. Now the second category; this one is harder to gauge, but I feel is just as important as doing the things I do.This category has to do with the things that I am. There are certain Christ-like attributes I want to emulate like being kind to others, having charity, not judging others, and working hard . These are things I can't just check off a list, they're things that I must always be checking myself up on. I try to build people up whenever I have the chance and I try to be conscious of other's feelings and emotions. Again it's hard to completely describe, but in short i try to act lovingly to my fellow man as closely as I can to how the savior acted. Both of these things; what I do and who I am constitute how I live the gospel.