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Hi I'm Nicole Hastings

I have depression. I'm 20. The only thing that keeps me (somewhat) sane in this life is church. I'm not perfect. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a shy person who cannot easily meet make new friends. I tend to like smaller groups of people and it's kind nice when people decide they do want me as a friend. Music is my life and I love using it to make people laugh. I just love people smiling in general, especially my little brother (younger; he's totally taller than me). Everyone has challenges that are unique to them. I know that partially because I have depression and partially because I love psychology. I was on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for 7 months before I needed to come home. For a while in my life I let myself be numb, no emotions except around certain people and those were forced. I thought I had to be perfect; people expected me to be perfect. I'm still learning. My life has had it's up's too. It's not all bad. I only really share about my love life and my depression cuz that's generally what people are most interested in about me. Generally.

Why I am a Mormon

I moved with my family from Texas to Oregon the July before my freshman year in high school. There was one family of our faith that my parents were close to that my siblings and I had never met before. Luckily, the people in the ward I had moved into were especially kind. One particular young woman saw that I was alone during our congregation’s 4th of July breakfast and introduced me to her friends and helped me open up and feel included. I always try to remember her example when I see someone left out. I watched a friend get baptized and I know he never would have gotten baptized into a church he didn't believe was true. Being at his baptism has strengthened my testimony that this is the only completely true church on the earth today. I know that this is the same gospel that was on the earth at the times of Moses and Noah and I know that modern teachings are more specific to what is happening now. On my mission I met others who came to know of the truthfulness of the restored gospel. One worked with people from the church, one has a girlfriend that is a member (her daughter is so cute!), and one's mom was totally against the church and would give her anything that might persuade her to be against the church (seriously anything). They were all very different people that had different pasts. Two of them had a past that they were not proud of. I care for all them, they are close to my heart. They decided to change on their own. All I did was tell them was what I believe, nothing else. None of them would have joined if it wasn't true. They said so. I will not give out their names but if I know 4 people there are more. I believe and I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know it with every fiber in my being.

How I live my faith

I have never been the popular person that everyone knows. I know that small things are what help people the most on a bad day; someone to listen to, a smile, a hug. I live my faith through trying to help people feel better, even if I may never see them again. I don't do the obvious community work anymore but I choose to serve on a more individual, personal level. The level that I feel I help with the most. I know that Christ lived for us, died for us, rose and lived again for us. He loved us enough to be there for people then, die for us then, and be here for us now when we need him. I love being able to serve people and feel the joy that comes whether or not the person is grateful for it. I know that people can change and if they've changed their past shouldn't be constantly held over them. They should have the opportunity to be free. I'm not perfect at not judging people. None of us are. Luckily we're not meant to be. We're meant to be human not perfect, to have faults, to live and to learn. We're here together to help each other. Why else would there be so many of us on this earth together? So smile. Even a small smile can make a big difference. You never know till you try.