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Hi I'm Jeanette

I'm a high school teacher, a dancer, a wife, and a mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the mother of three girls, my youngest is five, and my eldest is thirteen. I am a high school teacher. I am a dancer in a professional modern dance company. I have a masters in technology, and a bachelors in English and dance education. I love animals, and have dogs, cats, toads, chickens, a macaw, and a 7 foot snake. I love to cook, but hate to clean up after.

Why I am a Mormon

My grandfather is a Baptist preacher, so I grew up with a strong belief in Jesus Christ. During adolescents I became interested in religion in general and began investigating many different faiths. I ended up believing in the similarities and not the small differences, I decided I didn't need an organized church or religion in order to show my faith. This worked for me for many years, however I do not think I was a spiritual person, if anything I started losing faith as time went on. In high school I met a wonderful man who later became my husband, he was a member of the LDS church. Before we got married I was very clear that I would never join the church. I was far to strong a woman and everything I knew about the church was that it held woman down. I am also a very stubborn person so I held on to not joining the church for ten years just because I said I wouldn't. My wonderful husband was so great it was never an issue in our marriage he would invite me to go to church activities but never pushed it as an issue. During those ten years I learned that most of my previous knowledge of the church and the women's place in it was incorrect. I met so many strong and independent women and I learned the difference between church doctrine and church culture. I found that the LDS faith is so misunderstood, and there is so much false information out there. Despite feeling the spirit strongly pulling me toward joining the church I was very stubborn and fought the feelings inside myself because somehow I had created in my head the idea of me joining the church being akin to me losing. Eventually I realized I was losing more and missing out on so much by fighting the spirit. I started taking lessons from the missionaries, after two lessons I knew the truth and needed to strengthen my faith by being baptized. I was baptized two weeks later and I have been so blessed since then.

How I live my faith

My first "job" I took on in the church was as a cub scout leader. I was shocked when the bishop asked, I have no brothers and no sons, also being a dance teacher most of my students are girls, why would I be asked to work with boys when I have no experience with them. I accepted the challenge, and it was a challenge at first, but after the first couple of months I really started to love it. The boys were great and I had a blast, I learned so much more from those boys then I could have learned on my own. As a visiting teacher I meet with three women from my church building once a month and talk about the gospel as well as make sure she is doing okay and offer any assistance they might need. I also now work with 8-9year old girls in "Achievement Days." Wichita is similar to the cub scouts but for girls. On my free time I volunteer with my husband and kids to clean our local park, school and church building. I have tutored students in English. I help with the high schools annual musical.

What is faith?

To me faith is the act of believing in something with your heart and soul, despite not being able to use the physical senses to prove it. True faith is more than just words it is action. If a person really has faith in Jesus Christ for example they won't just say they believe in him, but they will work to obey his commandments and try to follow the examples that he set for us in his life. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Not at all. The church is set up in a way so that it donates throughout the world where it is needed, membership is not a prerequisite to receive aid. During many of the recent disasters around the world the church and its members gave generously of themselves both time, money and materials. Individually church members are taught and encouraged to follow the saviors example of generosity and giving. We see every human as brothers and sisters of our heavenly father and as brothers and sisters we should look for ways to help each other out. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

When Jesus Christ was on the earth he established his church. After Christ returned to heaven the apostles continued the work of his church until they and many of Christ's followers were killed. At this time only parts of the full doctrine of Christ survived and some were changed due to politics and fear of more persecution, as was prophesied in Isiah 24:5. So Christ's original church was lost. After this there was a time of darkness when the Lord did not speak directly to his children on earth, so there were no prophets on the earth, this also was prophesied in the bible in Amos 8:11-12. There are also many prophesies in the bible that refer to the restoration of the fullness of the gospel, or the restoration. In Ephesians 1:10 it is prophesied that "all things in Christ" will be gathered together in one, so all the lost truths will be gathered and according to the apostle Peter in Acts 3:19-21 before the second coming there must be a "restitution of all things" which have been lost. So the restoration is necessary to make way for the second coming of Christ. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

We believe that families are the center of God's plan for us. We believe that families can be together not just in this life but for eternity. In the temple families can be sealed together for time and all eternity. Because of this the bonds that we make with our family here on earth are the foundation for our eternal happiness. While family relationships are not always perfect, or easy when we work toward strengthening those relationships and loving each other unconditionally it makes our lives so much better. Show more Show less