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Hi I'm Dale.

I'm from San Diego, California, I'm a wife, a Mom, I work in Senior Care, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I work in the Senior Care industry and enjoy learning about the lives of our residents. I also am a Red Cross instructor. I enjoy reading, listening to good music, and movies with my husband. I was a missionary in Ecuador and still speak fluent Spanish. I love young people as well, and helping them to get a good start in life. My husband was in the Navy and I enjoyed being a Navy wife - not while he was gone so much, but I was always proud of my husband's service to our country. I cry every time we go to a baseball game and sing the national anthem - I love our country and know that we are blessed to be able to live here. I have survived Lupus and cancer and can honestly say that every new morning is a blessing to me. I've learned to appreciate the little things - sitting with my husband watching a movie, talking with the young people I love, and writing letters to my son on a mission in Portugal. Life is meant to be enjoyed and loved and we are meant to have joy and become who God wants us to be.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was young, I went to a lot of different churches and never felt quite right in any of them. Sometimes when I went in, I was told that I was going to hell before the preacher even knew my name. It didn't feel like a loving God would tell me that. Other times, I was stared at and not talked to - like I wasn't invited to the party. I had lots of questions that just weren't being answered, and finally I gave up, thinking that if there was a God out there, He didn't have time for me. I gave up, and honestly, was angry that I didn't find God where I thought He should be. One day when I was 16, two Mormon missionaries came to my door. One by one, standing on the porch, they started to answer my questions - all of them! My parents came home and invited them in, and we continued to talk. As they answered my questions, I felt good inside - like I had come home in a way. When they told me about the Book of Mormon and how it came to be, I was very skeptical, but then they told me to ask God myself if it was right. I asked sincerely, and felt the truth of the things I was being taught. The first time I went to church, I saw so many of the kids I looked up to at school there. They were participating in the meeting and spoke of what they believed in. A friend I had known for years invited me to sit with her family and everyone I spoke to was happy I was there. I indeed had come home, and found out where God was. I found that true Christians love and live as Christ would have them live - with love, genuinely, and with faith. I know that this is where your answers will be found as well.

How I live my faith

I live my faith every day by helping people feel loved and cherished. I love the Seniors I work with and let them know every day that they are loved. I try to spoil people every day - going the extra mile to let them know how very precious they are - even the cranky ones! God wants us to love others and help them on their way back to him. Some of us return earlier than others - and those who are close to going home need to know that a loving Father in Heaven is waiting for them with open arms. Surviving a chronic illness and living through cancer has taught me the empathy I need to understand all of our residents - those with dementia, physical handicaps, and other difficulties. I feel it a privelege to spend time with them and help to lift their spirits. In working with young people, I just love them and want them to know that life is exciting and meant to be happy. God really does want us to have joy in our lives, and we can do that even while following him and keeping to the standards He has set for us!