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Hi I'm Sterling Solomon

I run marathons, go cliff diving, and spend time with my family. I work as an attorney. I'm grateful to be a Mormon.

About Me

The most important people to me are my wife, children and extended family. I enjoy relaxing with family and friends, listening to a good song, hiking, planting and working in a garden, jumping from tall cliffs into deep water, feeling the warm sun on my face or laying on a trampoline in the back yard while gazing up at the stars. I grew up and live in Snowflake, Arizona. I work in Flagstaff. I went to college at Arizona State University and Law School at Gonzaga University. After law school I returned Arizona. I feel at home here. I am an attorney for the City of Flagstaff.

Why I am a Mormon

Some of my greatest early memories are bringing smiles to others, or helping others see the good in themselves. Most people possess a general desires to be kind. To help others. These are innate, altruistic feelings that I believe were given to you and me by God. Today,much of society's philosophy is: "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME," which seems to be smothering the God-given desires of kindness, and love toward others. Shortly after graduating from High School, I was asked to give two years of my life as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was assigned to work as a missionary in Rome, Italy. Just days after accepting this assignment, a good friend of mine, who was not a Mormon, asked why I would (in his words) "waste" two years of my life as a missionary when I could go to college. My reply was: "I will still go to college, but right now I have something (my faith/religion) I want to share with other people because I truly believe it will help others as it has helped me." That is why I'm a Mormon. I have studied other religions, philosophies, etc. Nowhere have I found greater peace than by following the teachings of Jesus Christ which are found in the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Throughout my life I have encountered many difficult challenges. Challenges that range from the disappointment of poor results on a final exam, to the pain caused by the loss of a loved one. We all experience similar struggles. The truths taught by Jesus Christ, along with sincere prayer to my Father in Heaven, lift me out of these low points in my life. Faith in Christ makes everything possible. In a world full of sorrow, Jesus Christ's Gospel is the answer. Gospel literally means: "good news." I know it is good news because I experience it as I follow Christ's teachings. Listening to the innate desires that most of us have we can all share this same "good news" with others. That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Living my faith means loving and caring for wife, children and others as Jesus Christ teaches us. I love going on dates with my wife as often as possible...she is my best friend! I enjoy spending time with my children, playing catch, or coloring, or helping them learn to play musical instruments. Most people possess a general desire to be kind, and to help others. The desires to help others come from God. I get more satisfaction by seeing happiness in others than from almost anything else. One of the ways I help others is through volunteering in my church and serving in the Boy Scouts of America. I believe the Boy Scouts teach, for the most part, values that will enable boys to be better men, and better husbands and fathers in the future. The Scouting program offers opportunities to teach these values in real settings as we engage in great outdoor activities, and gather around campfires to discuss the importance of living a good Christian life. As for my job, some may think that working as an Attorney doesn't put much of a smile on the faces of others, but it can in some cases. When I chose to go to law school, it was because I saw an opportunity in the legal profession to work closely with others and help them in difficult times. After practicing law for 16 years, I still feel the same. I often do pro bono legal work to assist those who are less fortunate. I made a promise to my Father in Heaven that if he helped me gain the education necessary be an attorney, I would help others. He kept his end of the bargain and I enjoy keeping mine.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Sterling Solomon
A sexual relationship should only be developed between a man and a woman after marriage. This law of chastity is so logical, and so beautiful. Those who live by it gain protection. Those who do not are often left with uncertainty and pain. By disregarding the law of chastity a person may think he or she has freedom; freedom to have sexual relations with whomever he or she chooses whenever it is convenient. This is a counterfeit freedom. In the end, disregarding the law of chastity brings burden & captivity. The burden of emotional instability. Captivity to the uncertainty of physical well-being with the reality of sexually transmitted diseases. The strong possibility of a lonely life with no lasting spiritual, emotional or physical connections. Those who keep the law of chastity can develop a sexual relationship with their one true love, as intended by our Father in Heaven. When a husband and wife honor the law of chastity, emotional worries and potential threats to physical health do not erode the foundation of their relationship. In a strong, healthy marital relationship, sexuality puts the focus on the love a husband and wife share; a love they have saved for only each other, after legal marriage. Gratefully, through repentance, those who disregard the law of chastity can gain forgiveness. Only Jesus Christ makes that possible. God gave us the law of chastity for our own happiness. Reserving our sexuality for marriage will bring that happiness. Show more Show less