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Hi I'm Phil Ybarra

I'm a Mormon. I was baptised on my birthday on October 8, 1994. For me it was the greatest birthday gift received in this life.

About Me

I am the oldest of three sons. I grew up in Northern California. While growing up I developed a love for the game of basketball. I played high school and college ball. I still love the game and though in my 50s I still play at least twice a week. I have always enjoyed the business world. Over the past 14 years I have been priviledged to have my own small business, which I run with my wife. We supply the military. It has been rewarding to be a part of supporting the men and women who defend our country. My wife and I have three sons. Our oldest served his mission in Buenas Aires, Argentina. Since returning he has married, and given us three beautiful grand children. Our second son is an officer in the US Army, and has served a tour of duty in Iraq. Our youngest son is 14, and a typical active young man. He is an active member in his teachers quorum.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church in 1994. During that time in my life I had much hunger for knowledge. I studied many subjects from business, law, history, as well as others. It was during this time that I decided to finally read the bible from beginning to end. As I started on this journey, I began to feel negative impressions from some great force that did not want me to continue to read and study the bible. This feeling was alarming to me and I finally acounted it to be the adversary trying to discourage me from discovering that I was a child of God. One night I "wrestled" with this force all night long envoking the name of Jesus Christ commanding that it leave me. Finally about dawn it left. I swore in my heart that I would never worship the devil, and I knew I was a child of God, and that I would serve Him. I can never deny this experience and I testify it is true. Thereafter I continued to read the bible especially the old testament. I really began to get to know Jehovah and all his dealings with the children of israel. I began to understand His personality and who he is. During this period of thirsting for knowledge I pruchased many books from used book stores. On one of these occasions, I purchased a Book of Mormon for twenty-five cents. As I read the introduction of the BOM I was astonished to read about the Nephites, and the Laminites in North America. Their fathers came across from Jerusalem and were jewish. In the introduction the BOM states that the Lamanites are the principle ancestors of the American Indians. I am of native american descent, and at that time I already knew in my heart that my people are desended from the lost tribes of Isreal. I knew we had come from somewhere, and now here was an authority claiming what I felt was true. As I continued to read this book I recognized the word of God and knew it was true. I was told by the Lord that he wanted to bless my life more fully but, that I needed to be baptised. I was baptized on my birthday in 1994.

How I live my faith

I am so greatful to be a member of the church. I try my best everyday to live up to my baptismal covenants and to follow the commandments of God. His promises are true and He has greatly blessed my life. As I am able to live by the standards of His gospel, I enjoy a wonderful closeness with my Heavenly Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. I have enjoyed many wonderful ways to serve God thru church callings. For most of my time in the church I have served the young men in the church. These are boys 12-18. I have served in scouting and in youth leader callings such as priest quorum advisor, and young mens president. I currently serve on our stake high council, and work with other youth leaders serving the young men and youth seminary education. This has been a fullfilling and rewarding time in my life. I am especially fond of giving some of my time going out with the missionaries. I remember what it was like for me when I first came into the church. Those were life changing and exciting days for me. Now, as I go with the missionaries to teach others about the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, I have an opportunity to bear my testamony, and to share what I have experienced, and the great blessings I have been given. It keeps those feeling burning inside of me and I ever want to feel of such. I am so greatful for these wonderful opportunities. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.